Who's The Guy In Bieber's New Acoustic Video?

Our prayers have been answered: A short while after releasing the official music video for "What Do You Mean," Justin Bieber has blessed us all with an acoustic "What Do You Mean" performance. His latest chart-topping single has been the talk of the town these past two weeks; whether people are talking about his music video's co-star Xenia Deli, or his performance at the MTV VMAs, they are always talking. However, the "What Do You Mean" acoustic video has people talking about someone else in the Bieber camp today: Who is the mystery man rocking the man bun in Bieber's acoustic video?

Well, turns out, he's actually someone Beliebers might find familiar: his lead guitarist, Dan Kanter.

If you've been a fan of Justin Bieber since his early days back in 2010, you probably know about his friend and fellow guitarist Kanter. Kanter is a songwriter, music producer, and guitarist hailing from Toronto, Canada. Along with being Bieber's lead guitarist, he is also Bieber's lead musical director. One thing many people who are familiar with Kanter's name don't realize, though, is that he doesn't only work with Team Bieber. He has performed with a number of other notable artists, such as Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Drake, and Stevie Wonder — to name a few. (Also, if you are into Canadian television, you probably know him from being a judge on the popular Canadian talent show, The Next Star.)

That's right. Long time fans of Bieber are probably having major 2010 throwback feels right now: Kanter has been around since day one, and is the muse behind one of Bieber's most adorable videos to date. This ode to Kanter as a "happy birthday" from Bieber himself quickly became a staple in the Belieber fandom:

Wasn't that adorable? Thankfully, it isn't the only memorable moment between lifelong friends Kanter and Bieber. In other words, Kanter has a lot on his plate, and he has racked up quite a bit of hours spending time with one of the world's biggest pop stars since the beginning of his time — so it is inevitable that they have had some good times on the road.

There Was The Time Bieber Sang The "Dan Kanter Song" On Stage

The pajama pants add a nice touch, am I right?

The Time They Teamed Up For a "Take You" Acoustic Session

Kanter was a beast in this! No wonder Bieber loves him so much.

The Time He Accompanied Bieber For "Where Are U Now" Acoustic

Every JB song needs an acoustic makeover. Thanks for the guitar magic Dan Kanter!

Where would Bieber be without his lead guitarist? Kanter plays a key role in the team that makes Bieber who he is, and I'm glad many people realize that! Keep strummin' along, Kanter. You're the real MVP.

Image: kidrauhl/YouTube