Meegan Returns To 'The League' & There's A Twist

The League is back for its seventh and (unfortunately) final season, so it’s only natural that the show would call back to some of its first season hijinks and characters in order to say goodbye. During Season 7 premiere, viewers were treated to one surprising face, as Meegan, Pete’s ex-wife, returned to The League. Played by Leslie Bibb, we last saw Meegan in Season 2 at a birthday party, where she and Pete battled over the fact that Meegan was dating a much, much older man. In true Meegan fashion, this time she’s got a new man on her arm and, much to the gang’s surprise (and Pete’s chagrin), it’s Andre.

The set-up for this fledgling relationship was this — Meegan and Pete ran into each other on the street, where they caught up a bit. She explained that she “moved out west,” was working in PR, and just relocated back to Chicago. Meegan kind of gave Pete the slip-off after he asked her to have a drink with him for old time’s sake (it’s been five years since they’ve seen each other, after all), and everyone but Pete knew why Meegan didn’t want to hang. She has been seeing Andre for months, and everyone else in the gang was far too nervous to spill the beans to Pete. Ouch.

I’m all for dating whoever you want to, but dating one of your best friend’s ex-wives seems just harsh, man. Andre should definitely know better. That being said, Andre and Meegan’s weirdo relationship kind of works. They both work themselves up over silly things (Meegan actually apologized to Pete for that whole “Down Doggy” issue in Season 1), they both love a little too much fanfare, and they’re both very easily the butt of all of their friends’ jokes. Meegan and Andre are actually a much better match than Pete and Meegan ever were. The one thing that I don’t buy is that Meegan is way into fantasy football now, since she was so adamantly against Pete’s participation in Season 1.

While Andre and Meegan seem solid, Pete and Andre really do not. Pete is very unhappy that his best friend is dating his ex-wife and that Andre is not even a little bit sorry about it. The premiere ends with these two besties not speaking and everyone else stuck in the middle. Personally, I’m Team Pete, but that's also because I have a longstanding crush on Mark Duplass that I just won’t shake.

Where does The League go from here? Here’s what I want to see happen: Andre and Meegan keep dating, much to Pete’s disappointment, and they get married in an over-the-top fantasy football bonanza. I’m talking a football cake, NFL guests, and a special draft to determine who will serve in the wedding party. Rafi will officiate. I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds like the perfect way to send The League off right.

Images: Patrick McElhenney/FX; Giphy (3)