Did Don Get Fired On 'Below Deck'?

Well, that didn't take long. After only three episodes, Eros is officially one crew member shorter. At the end of Tuesday's episode, Don quit on Below Deck and it was bound to happen. Seriously, ever since Don stepped onto the luxury yacht he caused tension as both an engineer and deckhand among the entire crew, but especially with Eddie. He didn't like being told what to do or asking permission, which is ultimately what led to him giving his notice.

Let's back up a bit and discuss why Don quit. While the charter guests were away from the boat, Rocky was on break and decided she wanted to go swimming. After asking for permission from both Kate and Captain Lee, Rocky jumped in for a short swim. Well, Don just couldn't contain himself or keep away from Rocky's "butt cheeks" (his words, not mine) and jumped in alongside her. The problem? Unlike Rocky, he didn't ask for permission, which led to a discussion with the Captain and Eddie.

While the Captain was telling Don what he did wrong and that he wanted to see improvement (to be clear, it seemed like Don was going to get a second chance and not fired), Don basically talked over the Captain, aka his boss, and was completely disrespectful. Rather than taking Kate's advice (she told Don to be honest, nod, smile, and let the Captain feel like he was the boss of the yacht), Don mishandled the situation completely. Before the Captain could even finish their discussion, Don quit and thanked him for the opportunity.

Based on his past behavior, Don's exit doesn't come as a complete shock. I'm sure Eddie and Emile are beyond relieved. With that said, I'll end with this quote from steward Amy, "You quit mid charter? At least stay for the tip."

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo