Lucy Knisley's 'Something New' Cover Reveal!

by Caitlin White

After illustrating and writing about growing up cooking with her mother, traveling across Paris, and vacationing with her aging grandparents, graphic novelist Lucy Knisley continues her twentysomething memoir adventures with Something New, a funny and whip-smart new book about the institution of marriage in America told through the lens of her recent engagement and wedding.

Knisley (pronounced "nigh-slee," according to the writer) married website and app designer John Horstman in September 2014. Something New: Tales from a Makeshift Bride tells the story of Knisley's experiences in the New York City dating world both before and after her then ex-boyfriend John visited her with an engagement ring tucked in his toiletry kit. The graphic novel tackles the all-too-common wedding issues that go along with being a modern woman: feminism, expectations, getting knocked over the head with gender stereotypes, family drama, and overall wedding chaos and confusion. Plus, it has the whimsical illustrations and vibrant voice that we've come to love from Knisley via her work on adult-crossover YA memoir Relish: My Life in the Kitchen, about growing up cooking with her mother, and her travelogues Age of License and Displacement.

Knisley's Something New is set to be released this spring 2016, but just in case this is one of those never-ending winters, Bustle teamed up with First Second to get the first exclusive look at Knisley's cover:

Something New: Tales From A Makeshift Bride by Lucy Knisley, $11, Amazon

It's perfect, of course, but no reveal would be complete without a glimpse inside the pages where we can really see Knisley's work come to life (click to see it HUGE):

"I could tell that there was something huge and crazy here — something funny and weird, but also nice." As a grown feminist woman who was also married within the last few years, this completely hits home. And the rest of the memoir centers on all that huge, crazy, funny, weird, and nice madness that is to come around her wedding. Luckily for us, we get to be quasi-wedding guests along the way.