Here's Googles Latest, Freshest Endeavor

It seems like there's no market Google has left untapped — and as proof, we have this: Google is testing a grocery delivery service. Called Google Express, it looks like it's going to compete directly with Amazon's similar service — and given the wide variety of other grocery delivery services out there, I have the sneaking suspicion that at some point in the future, we'll reach a point where we never have to leave our houses to run errands again. Whether that's good news or bad news depends entirely on your perspective.

The Daily Dot reports that Google is planning to test Google Express in San Francisco first; however, it's worth noting that the official Google Express website says delivery areas also include San Jose and West Los Angeles, both in California, and other major metropolitan areas like Manhattan, Boston, Washington, D.C,, and Chicago. They also list the Midwest as a delivery area, which could include countless cities in around 10 states; right now, though, it doesn't specify exactly where in the Midwest the service might o.

Google Express is partnering with food retailers like Costco and Whole Foods, but also has some non-food business names like Barnes and Noble, Ulta, Babies R' Us, and Staples on its roster, meaning that you can order not only your fresh asparagus and chicken, but also get some gel eyeliner and an adult coloring book delivered to you while you're at it. Remember that whole thing about not needing to go anywhere to run errands anymore? The options to not leave your house really are endless.

If you just can't wait for Google Express to come to your city (or "The Midwest" in general), though, here are four other services that will deliver your groceries and other goods to your home so you never have to see the light of day again.

1. Instacart

Instacart is a grocery delivery app which partners with local stores in your area for delivery. This website promises to have your produce delivered to you fresh, or else you get a refund; also, signing up or referring a friend will get you credit towards your groceries, which is a pretty nice bonus. You can customize it by picking your location, what kind of food you want to search for (seafood, produce, pantry, etc), and when you want it delivered.

2. Favor

According to this app, you can use it to order anything from the shops it has available. Just type in the name of the grocery store, drug store, or restaurant, type in or select what you want, and voila! It should be at your front door within an hour and a half. Plus, you get credit for signing up and credit for referring friends.

3. WeGoShop

WeGoShop is a website that, like the other services, sends people out to grocery shop for you while you do whatever else you're doing that's more important than getting yourself sustenance. It's not available in every state, but one of the benefits of the service is that you can start your own WeGoShop in a city or area that doesn't have it.

4. Whole Foods

Like local, organic, ethically raised and made food? Hate leaving your house for it? Well, if the only place you ever shop is Whole Foods (known by some as Whole Paycheck), good news: They have their very own delivery service. With delivery available in the UK, U.S., and Canada, you're covered in loads of places.

You could also try the OG grocery delivery service and my personal favorite, Mom and Dad. But for those of us whose parents don't want to do that for us twentysomethings, delivery services will suffice.

Images: Pexels; Instacart; WeGoShop; Mehak Anwar/Bustle