8 Times 'Pretty Little Liars' Let You Down

Even when it's on hiatus, there's always something to talk about when it comes to Pretty Little Liars. If fans aren't obsessively going through plot holes and twists, we're talking about its fashion. Or Caleb. Or the moms. Or who could be a twin. It's a show that has given us endless points of discussion, most of them good. But every so often, there are a few things to talk about that aren't so good. In its six-season history, Pretty Little Liars has let us down a few times. Not with plot twists that cause reactions like, "I can't believe they did this to Hanna!" More like, "PLL, you're breaking my heart."

Some of these moments were huge events, while others are little things that you'd probably forgotten about. If that's the case, I'm so sorry for rehashing all of these long buried Pretty Little Liars memories. But with still at least four months to go before we see new episodes when Season 6B premieres in January, there's a lot of time to kill, so why not revisit those moments that let us down and experience their many feelz all over again?

1. When Caleb Left Rosewood For Ravenswood

Eventually, Caleb returned to Pretty Little Liars after a season of Ravenswood. But he was gone for quite a while and it was a really tough time in all of our lives. Our bae, half of our Haleb, disappeared for months and if Ravenswood hadn't been canceled, he might have never returned full-time. Can you imagine living in a PLL world without Caleb?

2. When It Took Ryan Guzman Away Forever

During one of Aria and Ezra's "off" phases, we met Jake, the cool, charming, and muscular martial arts instructor who hit it off with Aria. The two dated for a while, until Ezra came back into the picture and Jake disappeared. Why'd you have to go and make Ryan Guzman leave, PLL? Have you seen him lately? He would have fit in just fine with the rest of the guys in Rosewood.

3. When You Realized The PLL Aeropostale Line Was For Teens

The joy of realizing that you, too, could dress like your favorite Liar! Only to then wander into Aeropostale and realize that the clothing is geared towards teens, and nothing quite fits your grown-up body right.

4. When It Introduced Larisa Oleynik & Then Nothing

Pretty Little Liars also made Oleynik a quasi-villain — that's no way to treat Alex Mack. It was also a shame to have her around for a while, only to have her grown increasingly more weird/evil, until she completely turned on Ezra. Malcolm wasn't actually Ezra's child, and everything about this plotline was handled horribly wrong. In the end, Maggie just left.

5. Every Time You Remember Season 6 Won't Have A Holiday Episode

The absolute best episodes of PLL are the holiday specials, especially the Halloween versions. We have three amazing Halloween episodes to re-watch again and again, plus a stellar Christmas episode from Season 5. But for Season 6? No holiday episode. Nothing. This is cruel, PLL.

6. Whenever Mona Was The Bad Guy

Can't she catch a break? Mona's always the bad guy. Always. Even when she's trying to do right by the Liars, she ends up being at fault for something. Why do you have to do this to Mona? Can't she be a true ally for the Liars? Why does she then have to go and hit someone with a shovel? Or try to fake her own death?!

7. All Of The Job Changes

One second Toby is a carpenter, and the next he's a police officer. One second, Caleb is doing... something?, and the next he's running a web design business. One second Ezra is a teacher, the next he isn't... Then he is a teacher again, and then he buys The Brew. Huh? Don't give us unrealistic job-hopping expectations, PLL. That's not how it works in the real world.

8. When Wren Wasn't Big A

We've been over this. Extensively. Nothing is going to change. Hopefully, whoever becomes the villain in Pretty Little Liars Season 6B will exceed all of our expectations.

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