Amy Duggar's Kind Actions Speak Louder Than Words

If you haven't heard of Amy Duggar, it may be because she doesn't exactly fit in with the 19 Kids and Counting family. Michelle and Jim Bob's niece is a cleavage-baring, kissing-before-we're-legally-wed wild child who was (gasp) born out of wedlock and is considered something of a black sheep in the Duggar fam. Amy married longtime love Dillon King over Labor Day weekend in an Arkansas ceremony. At the wedding Amy shared an important gesture with Anna Duggar, even though the bride and her relatives definitely have their differences. Anna's husband, Josh Duggar, recently admitted he was "unfaithful" after a report was released claiming he was registered with extramarital affairs website Ashley Madison, so Amy made sure to show Anna some support at her wedding. And it really should make everyone rethink the importance of practicing what you preach.

Anna showed up at Josh's cousin's wedding solo (Josh is currently in a treatment center), which is admirable because, if I were in her shoes, I'd want to hop on the nearest flight out of the country. Amy probably guessed this would be an extremely difficult time for Anna and responded — at her own wedding, remember — by doing everything within her power to make her feel comfortable.

"I gave her the biggest hug ever when I first saw her," Amy told People. She added that right before the ceremony, she had Anna on the brain: "That's when I got the most emotional. I can't imagine what she's been through. I would be a disaster ... She was beautiful. She said she's very happy for me."

According to Amy, the Duggars didn't always treat her like a prime member of the family. She told Radar Online that some of the things she does, including going on dates with her now-husband and past boyfriends and kissing them before tying the knot, really bother Jim Bob: “I kinda get under his skin, but he’s not going to control me, and I don’t think he wants to control me. He has no reigns over me. He doesn’t know what I’m going to do next.”

Amy — who is Christian and has said she believes in Jesus Christ, but is not as strict about her religion as the other Duggars — turned the other cheek when it came to her somewhat strained relationship with her family and used her wedding as an opportunity to reach out to the Duggars — namely, Anna, Michelle, and Jim Bob. She made Anna's daughter, Mackynzie, one of her flower girls, treated Anna to a mani-pedi gift certificate, and even gave Michelle and Jim Bob a certificate to their favorite restaurant so they could take a night off and relax.

Obviously Amy would have a promising future as a host and coach on Bridezillas because she's the ideal bride — one who is thoughtful and truly considerate of her guests' feelings and needs — but it goes even deeper than that. As someone who took a lot of flack for bending the rules of her faith and not always speaking, looking, or acting the part of a member of the Duggar family, Amy is proof that someone's actions, and not what they preach, ultimately define who they are. Neither Jessa nor Jill dated much or had their hearts broken, according to Amy, who told Radar Online she had no desire to follow the Duggar's strict courtship rules. And unlike her cousins, Amy doesn't routinely post Bible versus on Instagram or cover her body from head to toe, but her actions during the one day in her life that is supposed to be all about her tell you everything you need to know about her selfless heart.

Image: AmyRachelleKing /Instagram