Amy Duggar Gets Married And Her Wedding Isn’t What You’d Expect From a Duggar

Finally! Some news to celebrate from the Duggar family: Over the weekend cousin Amy—the infamously outspoken and very un-Duggar-like Duggar who often appears on 19 Kids and Countingmarried Dillon King. It was a perfect engagement for the couple. At least perfect by Duggar standards. The couple waited two months after their proposal to say “I Do.” And if you know the Duggars, you know that is, like, an eternity in their family. But the short engagement is about the only thing that Amy’s wedding had in common with the Duggar marriages that have gone before hers.

Aside from the white dress and the walk down the aisle, Amy’s wedding was unique from start to finish. In fact, the differences started long before the couple met at the altar. It was clear from the moment they announced their engagement on Instagram that they were a different kind of couple than the other Duggar cousins. From their engagement photos to how they celebrated their nuptials, Amy and Dillon have broken out of the traditional limelight of her family. They celebrated their love and their wedding day just as freely as they live their lives.

So how did Amy’s wedding differ from the other Duggar weddings? Check out the details below to find out.

They Didn’t Wait Until They Were Married To Kiss

Unlike her Duggar cousins who married before her, Amy was smooching on her man from the time they announced their engagement. And Amy wasn’t shy about showing off their PDA. There is plenty of evidence of it on Instagram.

She Didn’t Have Any Of The Duggar Sisters As Bridesmaids

Not a single one. Instead, she had her close friends and her future sister-in-law by her side.

They Took Some Pretty Sexy Engagement Photos

Talk about a roll in the… mud? The newly engaged couple posed for pictures and got into a good ol’ fashioned mud fight in the process. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

He Gave Her A Huge Rock

Just look at that thing. It takes center stage in just about every picture on her Instagram feed, not because she’s showing it off, but because it’s just that beautiful.

She Had One Hell Of A Bachelorette Party

Something tells me Amy’s new last name, King, will suit her much better than her maiden name, because you would never see a Duggar girl celebrating her upcoming nuptials in sequins and a skimpy dress. But celebrate Amy did, and the night was full of dares and embarrassing props just like the best bachelorette parties are.

She Has Her Priorities Straight

Amy is more interested in a happy marriage than a beautiful wedding. Although that might be the one thing her wedding did have in common with the other Duggar kids. Clearly the wedding is just a day of celebration for Amy. But her marriage? That is for a lifetime.

Here’s to a lifetime of happiness for the new couple!

Image: TLC; Amy Duggar/Instagram