Kylie Jenner Breaks This Out-Dated Fashion Rule

Kendall Jenner may have worn white after Labor Day, but she’s not the only one who’s breaking that fashion rule. Kylie Jenner stepped out in an all-white ensemble, because this whole blonde phase she’s in is totally about showing everyone else up, including her own sister. The youngest Jenner proved she really DGAF, because she definitely isn’t going to let some antiquated rule stop her from wearing whatever she wants. And you know what — good for her.

Her mini-skirt and turtleneck combo was not only on-trend, it was also perfect for fall. Who says you can’t wear white, anyways? Jenner’s outfit was only proof that you can. It’s not that surprising that she would wear something like this because she’s known to take fashion risks and whenever she does, they totally pay off. From dying her hair lighter for the fall season to rocking a sheer bodysuit, there’s nothing that this girl is scared of when it comes to style.

See her all-white-everything look plus seven other times she’s been a fashion risk taker. Be sure to channel your inner Jenner the next time you think something is a faux pas and wear it anyways, because she’s really on to something here. You don’t become the most famous 18-year-old by following the rules, you know?

She can honestly wear whatever she wants, and it's totally fine by me.

The girl does no wrong.

1. Lighter For Fall

Most people go darker for colder seasons. Jenner does the opposite, of course.

2. Wigs

She's literally the only person who could make a wig look this good.

3. Barely There Athletic Wear

This is what she wears to work out in, naturally.

4. Sheer Bodysuit

Nothing says "party" quite like this look.

5. Distressed Denim

She likes distressed denim, emphasis on the distressed.

6. Trucker Hat

It takes a brave soul to wear this.

7. '90s Baby

She channeled the '90s so hard, but this look totally worked.

You know what they say, with great risk comes great reward.