5 Ways To Wear Mini-Skirts Into Fall

by Augusta Statz

Nineties elements were in this summer, mini skirts included. Thankfully, you can style mini-skirts for fall with ease, because who says you have to put away your trusted mini now that it's nearing the end of summer? Why not dress like it’s your favorite season year round, you know? Everyone’s favorite season is summer, right? Thought so.

Layering is key when it comes to stretching your mini-skirt wearing abilities into the fall months. Opting for tops that will keep you warm or keeping your tight game strong (or both) will be necessary for pulling this look off and staying comfortable in lower temperatures. The shortest of skirts of all shapes and fabrics will work with these styling tips, so you can keep wearing whatever short skirts you have on hand.

Prepare for fall by following these five tips when choosing what to wear to keep the best parts of summer in your wardrobe for a little longer. If you do, you’re sure to be cute and warm the entire season long, because being cold (despite how fashionable you are) is no fun! Whoever said, “pain is beauty” had it all wrong. I don’t know about you, but I’m going for that comfortable chic vibe.

1. Turtle Necks Are A Great Top Option

Structured Jumper With Turtle Neck, $35, ASOS

Covering as much as your top half as possible will make exposing your legs that much easier. When it comes to keeping covered, turtle necks are really your best bet.

2. Chunky Sweaters Pair Well With Minis

Best Of Me Sweater, $160, Urban Outfitters

I love a good chunky sweater, but besides that, it's sure to keep your top half super warm. Keep your legs bare, or throw some tights on. Either way, you'll be comfortable and weather appropriate with your trusty sweater!

3. Knit Tights Will Keep You Cute And Warm

Striped Knit Tights, $5, Forever 21

Knit tights are slightly thicker than regular tights, so they will keep you that much warmer, but still show off your legs.

4. The Shorter The Skirt, The Higher The Socks

Put Your Strut In Me Thigh Highs, $15, ModCloth

If styled just right (like with a mini and a great pair of ankle boots) over-the-knee socks can be a very cute and warm addition your fall ensemble.

5. Oversized Jackets Keep Proportions Just Right

Borg Denim Jacket, $98, ASOS Curve

An oversized denim jacket will pair nicely with a short skirt. You'll be cute and cozy all fall long, plus, your proportions will be just right.

So, don't hang those minis up for good, just yet. They've got a little more wear in them if you use these five styling options!

Images: Courtesy Brands (5)