How Being A Tennis Fan Affects Your Sex Life

Even if you’re not a fan of tennis, you most definitely are aware of the fact that the U.S. Open is well underway here in New York City. But what you might be interested in, no matter your feelings on tennis, is that the majority of millennial tennis fans are “very satisfied” in bed, according to a new study by SKYN Condoms. So, what that means for you, whether you’re interested in tennis or not, maybe you should at least give a tennis player a try in the bedroom. If they’re THAT satisfied in their sex lives, maybe it just might rub off on you, too. However, I’m sorry to say that Roger Federer is off the market because, yes, the world is unfair.

According to the 2015 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey, not only are tennis players super satisfied in bed but, in general, Millennials are having more sex and more orgasms than ever before. Although men still corner the market on orgasm success rates, women aren’t far behind and, overall, eight out of 10 surveyed are totally satisfied with what they have going on in the bedroom. Not bad, huh?

From golf fans being really into their coaches, sexually speaking, to exactly where Millennials are enjoying all their great sex, here are 11 facts from SKYN Condoms most recent survey.

1. Tennis Fans Are More Likely To Share Naked Photos

Not only are 90 percent of tennis fans very satisfied with their sex life, but as the survey found, tennis fans, of all the sports fans out there, are most likely to send a naked photo to someone. Someone please give Roger Federer my number.

2. Men Have More Orgasms Than Women

Not that this should totally be a surprise, but the study found that 97 percent of men and 89 percent of women orgasm at least once during sex. While 89 percent for the ladies is still impressive, what would really be awesome is if we could see that number at 100 percent ― incorporate your vibrators, women!

3. Most Women Don’t Have Sex Several Times A Week

While 70 percent of guys can report that they have sex at least once a week, 40 percent of women are having sex several times a week. Which, I guess, is good news for us? The survey didn’t break down what “several times” actually means, but it sounds good to me.

4. Tennis Fans Are More Likely To Fake Orgasms

According to the study, of all the sports fans out there, it’s those tennis fans who are more likely to fake an orgasm at 61 percent. Really, people? Do you really think someone as badass as Serena Williams is going to fake a damn orgasm? No! So take a cue from that icon and get it together.

5. Some Millennials Are Cool With Giving Up Sex For The Internet

Of those surveyed, one in three would give up sex for the Internet for a WHOLE YEAR. But considering how essential the Internet has become in meeting people, I honestly believe that might be a bad idea. In fact, 25 percent of Millennials use dating websites or apps and 50 percent have slept with someone they met online, so that definitely says something about how integral a part the Internet has become in our lives.

6. Half Of Millennials Love To Indulge In Some Form Of Sexting

According to the study, half of Millennials “actively” enjoy sexting, half have texted a naked picture at some point, and 25 percent have sent a naked photo via Snapchat.

7. Doggy Style Is The Most Favorite Sex Position

Doggy style is the position that keeps giving. Not only do men get in there nice and deep, but the angle allows for a woman’s G-spot to be stimulated, so everyone wins. In second and third place for sex positions, are missionary and cowgirl, respectively.

8. Golf Fans Are The Most Likely To Have A Player-Coach Relationship

Coming back to the sports end of things, seven percent of tennis fans have had sex with their coach at some point, but that’s nothing compared to what’s going on with golfers. The study found that golf fans are the most likely to have sex with and/or have a relationship with their coach.

9. The Living Room Is The Number One Spot For Sex Outside The Bedroom

For those looking to get it on anywhere but the bedroom, at 78 percent, the living room is the most popular place. Not far behind is the shower at 74 percent, the car at 63 percent, the laundry room at 25 percent, and the beach at 23 percent.

10. Meeting A Stranger Is The Top Role-Play Scenario

Although role-play characters definitely run the gamut, the most favored for Millennials is playing the stranger the game. In second and third place are stripper and schoolgirl.

11. The Majority Don’t Use Lube Or Vibrators During Sex

According to the study, only 43 percent of Millennials use lube during sex (I guess there isn’t much anal going on in there), and only 32 percent use vibrators while getting it on with their partner ― the latter could explain why the orgasm success rate for women during sex isn’t at 100 percent.

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