iPhone 6s' New "Take Selfie" Button Is Crucial

During Apple's Live Event on Wednesday afternoon, the brand revealed new devices and upgrades to other devices, but the centerpiece was the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. One of the features of the new iPhone that has Apple fans buzzing is 3D Touch technology, which is a more refined version of the Touch Force technology found in other Apple products. 3D Touch can be thought of as somewhat of as a right-click feature for your iPhone 6S, where pressing icons with varying levels of pressure will bring different results. One example is that a longer touch of the camera app will bring up a menu of options, including the new iPhone 6s "Take Selfie" button that will automatically open your camera in the self-facing mode. Clearly this will come in super handy when you just need to take a selfie, and you need to take it fast.

If we're being honest, we live in a selfie-obsessed culture. If we're being even more honest, we'll fully admit to participating in the selfie madness. While selfies are most definitely a trend that mostly everyone with a camera phone takes part in, there are some moments where you just don't want to get caught taking a selfie, or when you probably shouldn't be posing for yourself, but you go for it anyways. These are times when we can make very good use of 3D Touch's ability to save us those couple of nano-seconds when we need to get that snap over with quickly.

Before Your Boss Approaches Your Desk

When you gotta selfie, you gotta selfie. But when the reverse camera calls while you're at work, make sure you take care of business before your boss comes over and rethinks your raise.

At The Museum When You Just Have To Get A Pic With That Painting

Many museums have created policies banning selfie-sticks, and many museums or specific collections do not allow photography. But some people just like to live on the dangerous side and need to get that snap with their favorite Degas. If I know about pushing the rules at museums (and I think I do), I know that you get royally yelled at when you're busted, so you need to hop to it quick when you want art selfies.

When You're At A Stop Sign & Realize Your Hair Is Perfect

We can't help it when our hair is totally on fleek, and sometimes these perfect moments occur when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the rear-view mirror, and a selfie must be taken on the double fast before you get honked at. But seriously please do not drive, bike, or roller blade and selfie.

The Two Seconds Of The Day When Your Cat Likes You

To get my cat to selfie with me, I basically have to wait until he's taking a nap (he can be a jerk). And if there's one thing cat people love, it's posting pictures of their feline friends all over the internet, so when the illusive cat selfie opportunity arises you better take that photo now, or risk severe scratch wounds.

When You're Actually Trying To Get A Photo Of The Person Behind You

Don't be ashamed, we all do it. There's something funny or weird happening behind you (or more likely there's a hottie you want to subtly photograph) so you have to take a stealthy faux selfie that captures the background action.

When You're A Baby & It's Not Your Phone

If you should be taking a nap but you really need to send a "woke up like this" selfie to your friends, 3D touch is here to help make it happen before mom or dad comes to check on you.