Reese's Daughter Looks EXACTLY Like Her In New Pic

You know how people say children turn into their parents as they get older? Well, that's happening with Reese Witherspoon's daughter Ava Phillippe. I have no idea if she has her mother's acting talent, fabulous personality, or warm heart, but I do know that Phillippe looks just like her mom. Never have I ever seen a mother and daughter who looked like identical twins more than these two.

Now, I get told a lot that I look like my mom or that I could be my sister's twin, but the twin thing definitely applies to Witherspoon and Phillippe. The Oscar-winning actress even proved it on Wednesday when she shared a photo of her daughter to celebrate her 16th birthday. The 39-year-old posted two pictures of Phillippe side by side: one when she was a little kid and one now at 16. At first glance, I honestly thought the image on the right was Witherspoon. It made me do a double take. It's posted below, so check it out for yourself.

Isn't that crazy? That could easily be Witherspoon at 16, or even now. That's just how much they resemble each other. And this isn't the first time they've shared pictures on Instagram that prove they are basically the same person.

Here are eight more photos of Witherspoon and Phillippe where they looked identical. Witherspoon will never need another stunt double — Ava can just do it.

1. When Ava Resembled Elle Woods

She could easily star in Legally Blonde.

2. When Ava Laughed Just Like Her Mom

They have the same smile and laugh, for sure.

3. When Ava Had Her Mom's Style

Is that Reese going to the Oscars? Nope, just Ava being all cute.

4. When They Wore Sunglasses

Seriously, who's who?

5. When Ava Celebrated Her Birthday

It's crazy how much they resemble one another.

6. When Ava Took A Creepy Photo

Is that Reese hiding?

7. When They Toured Rome Together

It's so hard to tell them apart.

8. When They Met Valentino

Yep, there's no mistake that these two are related.

Images: Reese Witherspoon/Instagram