Nobody Slays Swimwear Like Beyonce

by Augusta Statz

As if you weren’t already fondly recalling summer and wishing it could last just a little longer, you definitely will be once you see this celeb’s latest magazine spread. Beyoncé posed in a bathing suit for Flaunt , and I’m missing her flawless summer style now more than ever, because when it comes to slaying (no matter the season, really) nobody does it quite like she does.

With braided hair and a fierceness in her gaze, Yoncé’s cover photo is as mesmerizing as ever. She’s working the same minimal vibe she showcased on Instagram all summer long, and when you look that good in barely any makeup and a bathing suit, why wouldn’t that be your go-to, am I right? She definitely knows what’s up. Wearing everything from swimwear to lingerie, Bey is looking good for this magazine spread, further proving that she is and always will be the Queen, no matter how many social media followers she has.

See her Flaunt cover, plus five other times she rocked a mostly bare face and sexy swimwear during the summer months. You know, just to reminisce once more. For old time’s sake, you know? Oh, how I only wish summer could last forever.

Flawless, right?

1. Sexy Sailor

Nothing like a little snake skin to add a sexy factor to an I'm-on-a-boat-look.

2. Beach Goddess

From the braid to the cut-outs, this beach-y get-up couldn't be more perfect.

3. Soaking Up Some Sun

Nobody looks this good just chilling on the lawn. Except for her, of course.

4. Peaceful Vacation

She's so beautiful, and so at peace.

5. Sandy Chic

She even looks good all covered in sand.

Until next year, Yoncé’s summer style.