Though you might wish you could wear your favorite pair of jeans every single day of the year, your workplace may not share your enthusiasm. Even if you have to leave the jeans at home from 9-5, you can still get your denim fix with these inspirational ideas for how to wear denim at work. With jumpers, skirts, jackets, and more at your disposal, you might not even miss your jeans.

Beyond just changing up your denim game and shaking off summer looks, fall is a great time to get playful with clothing. Layering lets you balance bold pieces with muted tones, so go after whatever you've been eyeing. And if you need some autumn wardrobe inspiration, be sure to check out the trendiest fall 2015 handbag styles, jackets to get you psyched for fall, and vampy velvet fashion pieces worth rocking.

Just because you have to act like a grown up and work in an office doesn't mean your sense of style should suffer. The ideas below are bound to prove you can sneak denim into your daily look without a single comment from your boss. However, they definitely might stop and compliment your style.

1. Classic Denim Jacket

Popping a denim jacket over a suit balances the office life look with a pop of clean color.

2. Tailored Shirt

A fitted denim shirt is 100 percent clean and professional.

3. Light Denim Dress

Opting for a light denim dress instantly ups the look from casual to office appropriate. A denim dress with a distinctive, elegant print? Even better!

4. Denim Top & Colorful Skirt

For a conversation piece, pair a classy denim top with a bright, flowy skirt.

5. Long Denim Dress

Another take on the dress, opting for a cut that hits below the knee walks the line between flirty and professional in the best possible way.

6. Button-Down Skirt

Swapping a denim mini for a longer button-down denim skirt and layering it with a variety of textured pieces not only looks office-worthy, but super cozy.

7. Denim Shoes

If your office is all about that suit and tie life, sneak a pop of denim in with your flats or heels!

8. Denim On Denim

Pairing a denim dress with a denim shirt creates an effortlessly pulled together look without looking too matchy-matchy.

9. Denim Jewelry

Another sneaky way to rock denim in a stuffy office is with small but statement-making accessories.

Image Credit: Timur Emek/Getty Images