Austin Put Himself First On 'Big Brother 17'

Look, I'm not an Austin fan — I basically run the crew against Austin. But, I am a Big Brother fan, and therefore, I don't think it was a bad thing that Austin used the Veto on himself. It's not that I want Austin to stay — it's quite the opposite — but as someone who respects this game, why wouldn't Austin use the Veto on himself? Sure, the romantics out there might have wanted Austin to use the Big Brother Veto on Liz, but nah, you guys. That would be the dumbest thing to happen in the game since Liz said yes to Austin's girlfriend proposition.

After Austin won the Veto, there was trouble in paradise. Not even Mr. Pectacular could help the situation. Austin's reaction to winning the Veto was a little jerky — to be expected — but the guy just saved his game, because let's be honest, if Austin were sitting on the block come Thursday, he'd be out. No question about it. So when "Judas" came out to play and celebrate in front of the twins, feelings were hurt.

Well, grab your big girl pants, Julia and Liz, because this is a game and it's every man for themselves. So, when it came down to Austin actually using the Veto, of course it was a no brainer. He absolutely should not have not used it, and using it on Liz would have just been absurd. No, this was actually a move of Austin's that I support.

It ends there, but kudos Austin on not being blinded by ~LOVE~ and using your head for once in this game. Liz eventually got over it, realizing that Austin wasn't hiding stuff from her and has basically been playing his entire Big Brother game for her and her sister. But, this could be the first crack in the foundation that is Liztin... Oh wait, I think the first crack was the fact that this relationship is set on a bed of lies. Anyway, whatever. Here's hoping Austin makes some more respectable decisions in the future. But I doubt it.

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Images: Screengrab/CBS (2)