'Gilmore Girls' 9 Best Quotes About Family, From The Sweet To The Sarcastic

A TV show about a family and its complicated relationships was certainly nothing new or innovative when Gilmore Girls premiered in 2000 and forever changed our lives for the better. But, the way the show approached family was decidedly unique and it's one of the many things that makes it so memorable and timeless (although some of the pop culture references are hilariously outdated). The core family at the center of the show was an unconventional one — not just because it consisted of solely a mother and daughter, but because they were best friends and that's wasn't something we got much of in our teen show diet. Although the Gilmore mother-daughter duo will rightfully go down in history, all of the family relationships on Gilmore Girls were explored with sensitivity, depth, and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Rory's acceptance to Chilton was important on many levels — namely because it brought her one step closer to achieving her Ivy League dreams. But I would argue that, even more importantly, it brought the fractured Gilmore family back together. Lorelai, Richard, and Emily were forced to put aside their differences and ultimately come to grips with the fact that, although they'd all made mistakes, being in each other's lives was infinitely better than the years they'd spent estranged. There were plenty of ups and downs in all these relationships — even Lorelai and Rory's — but seeing the family dynamics evolve throughout the seasons was definitely the show's biggest strength.

And, along the way, they made plenty of comments that ranged from sweet to sarcastic to downright hilarious. Here are the nine most spot-on quotes about family, courtesy of the Gilmores themselves:

1. On How To Properly Discuss Family In A Therapy Session

And that, my friends, is the only correct way to begin your first session with a new therapist.

2. When You Know Your Family Is Just As Good As The Kennedys

Come on, Emily — how do you know that Jackie O. wasn't deeply interested in the salaries of butt models?

3. When You Forbid Your Spouse From Dying Before You

This scene made many of us tear up every time we re-watched Season 1, but since Richard Hermann passed away it's just an unfairly sad moment — and undeniably one of the sweetest from the entire series.

4. When You're Worried The World Won't Recognize How Special Your Granddaughter Is

You just can't trust the admissions offices at Ivy Leagues these days.

5. When Your Valedictorian Speech Is On Point

How2BeDumbForDummies on YouTube

I mean, come on — this speech even made Luke blubber.

6. When You're Above Parents' Weekend

Who needs a school sanctioned event when your daughter is your BFF? Certainly not Lorelai.

7. But, Sometimes You Have To Be Brutally Honest

Never come between a Gilmore girl and her food.

8. When You Need To Make Family Burial Decisions

Harshness is sometimes necessary — especially when you're deciding who gets space in the family mausoleum.

9. When You Need To Sum Up How Much Your Mom Means To You

I'm not crying; there's just something in my eye.

These quotes prove that, even though the Gilmore family didn't always see eye to eye and they had many a contentious Friday Night Dinner, they always had each other's backs when it came down to it.

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