9 Signs You Are A Workaholic

Workaholics of the world: unite! If you are concerned that you maybe, possibly, could be addicted to the office, take the handy quiz below to find out. If you score more than 10 points in's official. You're a workaholic and 2014 can be your year to chill out a bit on the job front.

1. Are You The First One In...And The Last One Out?

Do you get in early AND leave late? Is that your normal M.O.? If so, one point.

2. Lunch Break? What's A Lunch Break?

Eating during the work day is important. So is taking a break from work. Does leaving your desk to eat make you anxious? If so, one point.

3. Does Not Being At Work Make You Stressed Out?

Do you have your life set up in this backward fashion? If so, two points.

4. Do You Have A Life Outside of Work?

When was the last time you went out with friends and didn't talk about your job? If you can't remember, one point.

5. Can You Stop Checking Your Work Email? Seriously, Can You?

Are you attached to your Android/iPhone/Blackberry like a baby to their pacifier? Not a good sign, my friend. Two points.

6. Do You Take Sick Days?

Do you go into work when you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms? Have you ever taken a "personal day" aka stayed home hungover? If the answers are yes and no respectively, two points.

7. Do You Think Work Is Fun (Ie: More Fun Than Not Being At Work)?

If you feel this way, this counts for three. To be fair: it also means you're probably in the right field, so congrats!

8. Can You Say No To Your Boss? Better Question: Do You Want To?

If you answered no to both of these questions a) you may have a problem with boundaries and b) should not be surprised if your significant other breaks up with you soon. Three points.

9. Can Your Friends/Loved Ones Find You?

Do you routinely ignore phone calls, texts, and smoke signals from friends and family? This is not ideal. They are becoming impatient. One point.

Did you score 10 points? If so, may we suggest streamlining your work day with these anti-procrastination and organization tips? Or improving your work-life balance by learning a new skill, getting your ass to the gym, or giving back to your community? Get your butt our of the office and into your life.