Justin Timberlake Shares More Silas Photos

When we first heard that Justin Timberlake was going to be a father, it was easy for the world to make a thousand jokes about whether or not the child would be a good dancer, and what *NSYNC lyrics they should play over the crib to ensure that the child turned out as talented as his or her parents. However, now that Silas Randall Timberlake has been out in the world for five months, all the world wants to do now is stare at baby pictures of the adorable little TimberBiel spawn. Luckily, Timberlake is too proud of a father to disappoint. In fact, Timberlake brought Silas baby pictures with him on his appearance on The Tonight Show Wednesday night, and they are every bit as adorable as you would expect them to be.

Like most (but not all) celebrity parents, Biel and Timberlake generally try to keep their son out of the public eye rather than sharing photos of him with millions of people every time he so much as blinks. As a result, our glimpses of Silas have been all too rare — which is probably why The Tonight Show tweeted out the pictures almost as soon as Timberlake showed them off. They knew we'd want to stare at these pictures without having to pause our DVRs for hours (which would alarm our roommates and parents). Even better, there are two pictures, one featuring Timberlake, one featuring Biel, and both fearing Silas as the true star of the show.

It's not as though I was ever doubting that Silas was beloved by his parents, but can we talk about how cute these pictures are? Between Biel kissing Silas' cheek, and Timberlake presenting the little boy like the greatest award he's ever received in life, I am melting into a little puddle of fan goo. And the expressions on little Silas' face are just — don't look at me. I'm not crying. You're crying.

And, as an added bonus, Silas is looking directly at the camera this time, unlike the Father's Day photo that Timberlake shared in which we only caught a glimpse of the back of the baby's head. Check out the images below and just try not to start going awwww.

Image: NBC