Kaley Cuoco Poses In Tighty Whiteys For 'Shape'

If there's one way for ladies to take the usually structured menswear trend and make it sexy, it's by rocking a crisp white shirt, ditching a bra, showing a little sideboob action, and rocking boy shorts. Kaley Cuoco's October 2015 Shape cover is all of that and then some.

The Big Bang Theory actress, who alternates between sexy and goofy on TV, magazine covers, and her Instagram feed, revealed her secret for maintaining her fit figure. She and her tennis player hubby Ryan Sweeting used to have a drawer next to their bed overflowing with candy, but they've since cleaned up their at-home food stash.

"Our refrigerator and pantry have completely changed, because we don’t eat crap anymore," Cuoco told Shape. "No more soda, chips, cereal; we had boxes of stuff that only a 4-year-old would eat."

The TV star is being careful about what she puts into her body indeed! Her light 'n' bright Shape cover is stunning, thanks to her white blonde, shaggy bob, which so reminds me of Julianne Hough's coif, and the monochromatic "outfit."

But I love how she popped her collar and showed off some front cleavage without exposing too much.

It's the sexiest take on menswear I've seen in quite some time.

The oversized shirt, the granny-ish boy shorts, the multi-strand necklace, and the bra-less look came together so beautifully. It's Cuoco doing tomboy chic.

Cuoco may be one of the most successful and stunning TV actresses working today. But she is also super goofy and relatable and her Instagram is often a positive source of style inspo, reminding you to do you and to be you!

Don't you like how she showed off her faux tanner tanlines in this behind-the-scenes Insta from the Shape shoot?

Or how she exerted pack leader dominance over her beloved pooches while wearing an amazing, bright tank?

How about when she ditched makeup and shared a super candid, puppy-assisted selfie?

A matching pink nightgown with a silly phrase? How adorbs! I'm not sure Kylie Jenner would wear or even post something this goofy on her Insta.

Squad goals.

Nerdy black specs and no makeup? Are you in love with Cuoco's Insta style yet? I sure am!

Follow her if you want a source of style and life inspo from a super famous beauty living it up, hamming it up, and being totally real. Her IG is so IRL!

Image: Shape (1); Kaley Cuoco/Instagram (6)