5 Side-Splitting Joe Biden Zingers That Could Even Rival 'Late Show' Host Stephen Colbert's

On Thursday night, Stephen Colbert will sit down with yet another prominent politician, after interviewing 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush on his Tuesday premiere. However, this interview will most likely be filled with a lot more chucklesome moments. That's because Colbert's next guest will be Vice President Joe Biden, a man who's known for his political position first and his sense of humor at a close second. Biden's jocular nature is all part of his charm package, which is unparalleled in Washington (and beyond). But how do his jokes stand up against those of a seasoned comedian? Judging by some of his past zingers, Biden could give Colbert a serious run for his money.

Sure, he may have been called a "gaffe making machine" and has been known to drop the F bomb on a few occasions (can we all call him the Notorious BFD, please?), but for every stumble, Biden offers several golden nuggets of hilarity. And it's not just his one-liners that make us giggle like schoolgirls; it's his overall demeanor. Remember the mischievous smile that spread across his face as everyone else was paying close attention to President Obama's speech? That smile will be ingrained in America's heart forever. If that smile doesn't make you smile, then you, my friend, might be incapable of producing smiles.

And what about when he asked the swarm of reporters outside his car if anyone would want to help him unload the vehicle? Not to mention the time he flirted with 108-year-old veteran Lucy Coffey, telling her after she had just met Obama, "The president comes in and everybody drops everything ... but I'm the guy who loves you!"

It's moments like this that make Biden arguably the most lovable vice president in history, but that's not even counting his actual jokes. When it comes to scripted zingers like the ones that seasoned comedic hosts like Cobert, Jon Stewart, and John Oliver deliver on a regular basis, Biden shows that he's got the chops to play in the big leagues. Before he sits down with Colbert on Thursday night, perhaps the host should be a little nervous that Biden could easily upstage him in the jokes department. See for yourself.

Campaign Event In 2012

"Folks, I can tell you I've known eight presidents — three of them intimately."

The 2009 Gridiron Dinner

"I know these evenings run long, so I'm going to be brief. Talk about the audacity of hope. President Obama does send his greetings, though. He can't be here tonight — because he's busy getting ready for Easter. He thinks it's about him."

On Rudy Giuliani

"There's only three things he mentions in a sentence — a noun, a verb, and 9/11."

Again On Rudy Giuliani

"I should start with an apology to Rudy Giuliani. I said every sentence Rudy utters has a noun, a verb, and 9/11 in it. I was wrong. He called me to tell me after Pat Robertson's endorsement, there's an Amen in every sentence he says too."

Citing Theodore Roosevelt's Quote, "Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick"

"I promise you, the president has a big stick."

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