6 Inspiring Instagram Posts From Chloe Lukasiak

Chloe Lukasiak first won hearts of reality fans everywhere during her stint on Dance Moms. Though the dancer is no longer on the reality show, she is still making quite the mainstream splash in the dance world. From dancing competitively for Studio 19 Dance Complex to partnering with powerful anti-bullying campaigns, don't think that the 14-year-old is sitting on her butt watching cartoons. As social media will show anyone, she is doing anything but. If you take the time to check out her page, Chloe Lukasiak has some super inspiring posts on Instagram.

From posting photos of her #flawless dance positions to sharing serious and touching moments with her family members, Lukasiak obviously has a message to send to her fans and followers. And judging by her posts, the message seems to be believing in yourself. After all, she obviously did, and look how far she has already gotten in the dance and entertainment industry at such a young age. Because of her unique story, she can serve as an excellent inspiration for young girls who hope to follow in her footsteps and become famous and renowned dancers. But even those who have never set foot in a dance studio in their lives and have no intention to can take a piece of advice here and there from Miss Lukasiak. Read on to see why.

1. Up, Up & Away

Not everyone can say they have had the chance to ride in a helicopter! Talk about aiming high.

2. Proving Them Wrong

Lukasiak started a hashtag campaign after her Teen Choice Award win called #ProveThemWrong. What better way to drum up inspiration than by observing someone who did just that?

3. Places To Go

...and people to see! Lukasiak is already having interviews with big-time mags like Nylon. Clearly, people care about what she has to say. And there's a good reason for it!

4. Always On Point (Literally)

This is something dancers and non-dancers just have to respect.

5. A Swift Kick

You probably would not want to be on the receiving end of that move! Destroying the stereotype that dancing does not take strength and serious athleticism, one step at a time.

6. Shining Star

Above all, she serves as a reminder to her followers to never let other people dim their shine and sparkle. And that is a lesson we can all take to heart!