'American Horror Story: Hotel' Trailer Will Make You Wonder What Kind Of Yelp Rating This Hotel Has — VIDEO

I know that Ryan Murphy's FX anthology series, American Horror Story: Hotel , is supposed to be a horrifying look at a horrifying hotel filled with horrifying patrons and, who knows, maybe even bed bugs — but honestly, after watching the trailer for American Horror Story: Hotel , all I'm wondering is how this place even passes inspections and is able to remain open, because it just looks that terrifying. Are they just that good at bribing the Department of Health? Do they kill all of the inspectors that the Department of Health sends over, and no one's like, "oh, hmm, that's strange?" What sort of Yelp! rating does this hotel have? WHY DOES ANYONE STAY HERE?!

Aside from those questions it presents — which will hopefully be answered when the season premieres on Oct. 7 — the trailer actually gives us a lot of hints about what to expect with the coming episodes. For instance: Sarah Paulson will look like Nancy Spungen on a bad hair day, Angela Bassett will be her badass self, and Lady Gaga will be very Lady Gaga. All in all, it looks like a promising season, and I, for one, cannot wait.

You can check out the trailer below.

Image: FX Networks/YouTube