Your Favorite Disney Channel Movie As A Child Says A Lot About You As An Adult

Ugh, old Disney Channel movies are my weakness. In fact, anything old Disney Channel is a soft spot for me, and I'm sure, many others. From Cadet Kelly to Camp Rock, Disney Channel Original Movies have something for everyone. There are too many to count, and several that you've probably forgotten about yourself. But time to ask the real questions: what does your favorite DCOM say about you? To be honest, I didn't even know what DCOM stood for until a few years ago, but acronyms are beyond the point. What's most important are the Disney Channel Movies that came out in the days where that little boy did a killer jump split over the Disney Channel sign and the "let's watch a Disney Channel Movie" song started to play.

Nothing could compare to that hype when one of your favorites was about to play. When I think DCOM's, many come to mind. Who could forget about Halloweentown? The movie series went on for years and was a staple for Disney Channel and Halloween in general when October came around and scary movies played all month leading up to the treat and terror-filled holiday. Then there was The Even Stevens Movie, which was accidentally, many of our first experiences with "reality" (or hidden camera) television at a young age.

Several childhood memories arise when you think about your favorite DCOM, so it should come as no surprise that your favorite one says a lot about your personaity.

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century


You're a dreamer. You were constantly accused of letting your imagination run wild as a kid, and it probably got you into some trouble. But, just like Zenon, you are tough, and your dreams have led you to achieve many goals, no matter how out of this world they sounded. Serious change, like moving from your "Space Stay" to Earth, can't stop you from pulling off your plans.


Smoochwunny on YouTube

You're a thrill-seeker. Adrenaline is constantly running through your veins, and you're never afraid to try crazy things that make your friends think that you've lost your mind. Just like Andy "Brink" Brinker and the Soul-Skaters, you skate through life just for the fun of it, not to gain anything from it. Stay rad!

The Color of Friendship

dizneyMANIA on YouTube

You're a loyal friend. You understand the value of friendship and are willing to do anything for your ride or dies. Differences, diversity, and adversity don't scare you, in fact, you thrive with these factors in the equation. You can relate to Piper and Mahree because you look past people's appearances and like to focus on who they are on the inside.

Smart House

RaiderDawg on YouTube

You're a hype beast. You're always the first to get the latest Apple product out of your friends. You were the first one to get a fit bit and had an Instagram before Taylor Swift even did. This movie grabbed your attention at a young age and got you excited for the new technology that could pop up in the future. Still waiting for the day you can have a conversation with your house, though.

Stuck In The Suburbs

mactamus on YouTube

You're a fangirl. You've been one since day one. You could relate to Danielle Panabaker and Brenda Song in this one with their obsession with Jordan Cahill because you have been boy crazy since you could talk. From Aaron Carter, to Justin Bieber, you've loved them all.

The Cheetah Girls

Pocholy448VEVO on YouTube

You're a sorority girl. You grew up to be one, and you could immediately identify with Bubbles, Chuchie, Do, and Aqua, because of the tight bond that you have with your own sisters. Or, if you decided not to go Greek, you have a strong group of female friends and grew up with a good female support system, and hold those relationships close.

Pixel Perfect

DCOMsClips on YouTube

You're a perfectionist. You strive to be the best version of you, all of the time, so the idea of creating a perfect girl with a computer like Roscoe did made you want to be "perfect" as well. From your style, to your job, to the way you arrange your phone and pencils on your desk, order makes you happy.

High School Musical

Ferry Samuel Siahaan on YouTube

You have major school spirit. You were present at the majority of your high school's football games, and have more pride for your college/alma matter than you can share on social media without being annoying. You watched the HSM trilogy as a child and dreamed of having a high school experience similar to that of Troy and Gabriella. Then, you suffered a rude awakening when you realized it wasn't all singing and dancing in the cafeteria.

The list of memorable DCOM's goes on and on. Regardless of how cheesy they seem now, these movies helped shape our childhoods. Looking back, they semi-inspired us to become the people we are today. So much for TV turning our brains to mush.

Image: de Passe Entertainment