Turn Yourself Into An Emoji With This New App

by Kate Fustich

We truly live in the Age of the Emoji. No form of communication seems truly complete without the addition of at least a few smiley faces, and maybe some sparkles. Given their proliferation, it was only a matter of time before we as a people fully transformed into emoji — and fortunately, the Emojiface app lets you do just that without having to give up your human autonomy or getting trapped inside a computer like in that really bad Johnny Depp movie.

Emojiface lets you create tons of iMessage- and WhatsApp-compatible emoji with just a few clicks. Upload a picture of yourself, your pet, or even an object, and the image will be instantly "toon-ified" and given numerous different expressions.

I downloaded the app myself, and found it ridiculous, charming, and great for my complexion. But even better, it lets you express exactly what you're thinking far better than a simple winky-face-plus-eggplant combination could. These 10 scenarios, for example? No average emoji will do for them — and that's when you want to break out the Emojiface.

1. When Someone Makes Yet Another Donald-Trump-Related Facebook Post

Here is what I think of your "Free Kim Davis" status.

2. When You're Channeling Your Inner Kardashian

No lip injections necessary.

3. When It's 100 Percent Humidity And Your A/C Decides To Break

Emojiface understands your struggle.

4. When Drake Comes On

Stressed but blessed.

5. When You're Stuck In A Three-Hour Lecture

Especially appropriate if your friends start texting you pictures from Happy Hour. Not fair, guys.

6. When You're Plotting Friday Night

You know you're the master of finding two-for-one drink specials.

7. The Morning After Said Friday Night

Do you ever just, like, think about the word "pillow"? It's so funny, right?

8. When You Finally Match With That Guy From Tinder

Why hello there, stranger. Yes, this is my natural eye color.

9. When He Doesn't Show Up To Your Second Date

The world is a cold, dark place, and everyone dies alone.

10. When You Are Just The Perfect, Flawless Human Being That You Are

No explanation needed.

Images: Kate Fustich/Bustle (10)