Johnny's Depp's New Movie 'Transcendence' Tanked In the Box Office Big Time

Bad news for Johnny Depp's newest sci-fi film: According to The Wrap, Transcendence is already tanking in theaters after just one day, and it looks like the film is going to finish up Easter weekend — which could be a huge weekend for films — with only $12 million. For some context, this is about $10 million under what was expected considering the cast (which, apart from Depp, includes Rebecca Hall and Kate Mara), and massively under the $3.7 billion that Depp's last film hit trilogy, The Pirates of the Caribbean, earned in theaters.

Even worse: Rotten Tomatoes has the film's current rating at a very rotten 19 percent, which won't exactly persuade other viewers to head to the theaters — and considering it was filmed with a budget of $100 million, Warner Bros. should probably expect to take some losses with this one.

Unfortunately, this will be Depp's fourth movie flop in a row: The Rum Diaries, Dark Shadows, and The Lone Ranger, his last three films, all tanked in the box office as well. Womp, womp...

Don't feel too bad for Depp and the rest of the movie's cast, though — I honestly don't think they expect much from this movie except a paycheck. Case-in-point: Kate Mara's...enthusiasm on Twitter yesterday when the film opened in theaters:

"Go see it. Or don't. I don't care."