When Is Robyn Brown Due? 'Sister Wives' Is Getting A New Star In 2016

A lot of things about the Brown family from Sister Wives are different from the average American family, while other things are extremely similar. Though they balance four wives, one husband, and 17 children, they also go through the same things as any other family. They're currently adding to the size of their family, as fourth wife Robyn is pregnant and due in 2016. She's been posting updates about her pregnancy since she found out about it a few months ago, and it will surely be a part of the new season of Sister Wives, because Robyn's three children were one of the main reasons why Kody divorced Meri, who had been his wife for over 20 years, and legally married Robyn.

Robyn just posted about reaching the halfway mark in her pregnancy in late August. That means that her due date should be sometime in January. People has the due date as Jan. 7. Obviously having a baby is never completely predictable, but come shortly after the new year, there should be a brand new member of the Brown family. And it's not just Robyn who is preparing for the new baby — all four wives and 17 children are joining in.

Robyn Has Been Tracking The Baby's Progress

With a handy app, Robyn has been able to track the growth of her baby for her followers. The magic of modern technology!

Christine Is Hoping For A Girl

Proving that having a new baby is a family affair for the Browns, Christine offered Robyn some congratulations and some teasing over the baby's gender — she's hoping for another girl.

The Other Kids Are Already Welcoming The New Baby

That is classic weird cute kid stuff. I'm sure the baby will feel very welcomed by his or her brothers and sisters.

...And Having Very Cute Tea Parties

The baby may have to drink lukewarm tea when it's born four months from now, but that chocolate frosting will still be delicious.

They Keep Fans In The Loop

Meri and Robyn have taken to Twitter to clarify that despite what the show has implied, Meri did not have a desire to have a new baby, and is in total support of Robyn's pregnancy.

They've All Been Connecting With The Older Kids Too

With 17 other children, these moms are working overtime to make sure they all get attention and support, even as the family grows.

They Expressed So Many Congratulations

The newest member of the Brown family will be very well loved and appreciated when they arrive in January 2016. Even though Robyn and Kody Brown will be the child's biological parents, everyone in the Sister Wives family, from the three other wives to the older children, are excited to meet the new baby — just a scant four months left before the due date.