Sanne Vaghi's Nature Tattoos Gorgeously Accent People's Unique Bodies — PHOTOS

Berlin-based tattoo artist Sanne Vaghi is creating vein-like tattoos inspired by nature. She is originally from the Netherlands and has been enthralled by the artistry in nature all her life. Each tattoo is individualized in that it follows the lines of the body it's on. Most of the tattoos are animals, or based on animals, though some tend more toward the pure ~nature vibes~. According to the artist, lines play a major role in her work and her tattoos strive to emphasize the shape of the body. No two tattoos Vaghi does will ever be the same, because she uses the person's unique shape to craft them.

Obviously, if you're deciding to get a tattoo, there are so many genres to choose from: micro tattoos, literature tattoos, or more-involved sleeve tattoos, all of which can turn your body into your own personal canvas. Choosing to get a tattoo more rooted in nature, or an animal one, can symbolize something personal, or just be mean you're an animal-and-plant-lover and are proud of it. Vaghi's tattoos are a striking example of that, and her style makes it all the more personal.

Natural flow in terms of tattoo work is much more important than you'd think, because how a tattoo is designed on your body can determined whether it blends as body art, or stands out, and looks awkward. With this is mind, here are nine nature-inspired tattoos from Sanne Vaghi that look so seamless that the people could have been born with them:

1. Rib Tattoos

I'm not sure what part of nature this is from, but to me, it looks like it represents wind.

2. Full Torso Tracing

The ink makes an incredibly bold statement.

3. Arm Tattoos

This is more subtle, but clearly flows with her body.

4. Shoulder Tattoos

For the seafaring part of you.

5. Aaaaand More Shoulder Tats

This is a beautiful display of how the animal (aka, the cute lil owl) incorporates aspects of nature and perfectly traces the back.

6. Leg Lines FTW

Really makes you appreciate the beautiful lines on a body part that we typically don't give much attention to.

7. Le Majestic Horsehead


"Your Majesty."

8. Side Arm Accents

Honestly, my favorite by far. I love the leaves, and how they follow the lines of her arms.

9. Chest Tattoos

~V I B R A N T~

If you're in the market for a new tattoo, these designs are well worth considering. They might even be worth the trip to Berlin. (Twist my arm.) For more of her work, follow Vaghi on Facebook and on Instagram.

Images: Courtesy Of Sanne Vaghi