10 Hats Every Girl Should Consider For Fall To Up Their Accessory Game

Fall is just around the corner, which means we can finally pull out all our autumn accessories that have been hiding in our closets. While sweaters, scarves, and boots are a must for waltzing around with our pumpkin spice lattes (which you can totally get now), there are some fall hats every girl should consider this season.

Not only will they add a unique touch to an outfit, these hats will also keep your head warm as the weather gets cooler. As a woman whose been in love with all types of hats since childhood (I wouldn’t leave the house without a hat that matched my pink cowgirl boots), I can attest to how amazing it is to find the perfect hat that is totally you.

I’m a huge advocate of hats, and truly think anyone can wear one as long as they take the time to find the right one. However, if you’re still a little lost on what to try this season, Goorin Bros. (who has been making hats since 1895 and is also my favorite hat shop) was nice enough to give me tips on what’s in style this coming season, as well as what hats every woman should consider for fall. I've shopped at Goorin Bros. for years, and have fallen in love with all of their styles, so I knew they were the right place to reach out to. So, first thing's first...

How to find the right hat

Prior to you diving into the hat seeking adventure you’ll love, Felice and Zeke, who work at Goorin Bros. in Harvard Square, shared some tips for finding the right hat.

  • Try on dozens of different hats to see what you're most comfortable in and works best for you. Don’t be afraid to look funny or try something you think might not look good. You may surprise yourself.
  • If you’ve picked a hat with an indented crown or pinched top (like a fedora), don’t pull the hat all the way down, as that will distort the top of the hat (which is part of the design).
  • Finally, make sure the hat is the right size! If the hat sits past the top of your ears and is loose, it could be too big and easily fly off. However, it shouldn't be so snug that it leaves marks or cause a headache. Felice says, "If it isn't comfortable, you won't wear it — think about that last pair of uncomfortable shoes you got and how many times you've really put them on."

Now that I’ve shared some tips for trying on hats, check out these amazing hat designs that are sure to be perfect for even the newest of hat wearers!

The Big-Rimmed Floppy Hat

Shoreline, $78, Goorin

This fall season, big-rimmed floppy hats are in! According to Felice and Zeke, the bigger the brim, the better. If you’re looking for something that will make you stand out as you walk around this autumn, a beautiful felt floppy hat will definitely do the trick. Goorin Bros' "Shoreline" hat is one to consider, as its band is accented with a simple crossover pattern that makes it stand out even more.

The Cloche

“Laura Wilder,” $140, Goorin

Although big-rimmed floppy hats are in, a cloche can never really go out of style. Invented in 1908 by Caroline Reboux, it was a popular style worn by many during the Roaring Twenties. If you’re looking for a modernized version of this classic style, look no further than Goorin's “Laura Wilder." Even I couldn’t resist how lovely it looked sitting slightly askew on my head that I had to get this one myself!

The Wide-Brimmed Cloche

Wool Cloche Hat," $16, Forever 21

Even cloche hats can keep with the wide-brimmed trend of this season. For those looking to start wearing cloche hats, but are hesitant about how rounded they are, Forever 21's wool cloche is a perfect start.

The Floppy Cloche

Brixton Magdalena Wool Hat, $60, Urban Outfitters

Because floppy hats are in, a floppy cloche could be the answer to your prayers. It pairs the rounded top typical of a cloche hat with the wavy rim we all love about floppy hats. Frankly, Urban Outfitter's "Brixton Magdalena Wool Hat" is the best example of this blend, especially in neutral or maroon to match the fall foliage.

The Fedora

Good Boy, $54, Goorin

No one can really go wrong with the traditional fedora hat. It's a style you can wear anytime of the year with almost any attire. Goorin's "Good Boy" felt fedora comes in five different colors that are all perfect for fall foliage, so you can be a cool cat every day of the week.

The Wide-Brimmed Fedora

Dark blue wide brim fedora hat, $109, Etsy

Fotralehat’s “felted fedora hat” is perfect for this fall, since it incorporates this season’s wide-brim, while also accenting the top with the classic pinch. To top it off, the material is felt, so your head will stay warm as the weather gets colder. A cheaper alternative is H&M's wool hat in almost the exact color for $30.

The “Cabbie” Cap

Leather Cap, $49, H&M

Even though some might consider this a “man’s” hat, it can also be worn by women! Just like every other accessory, it is all about how you pair it with the rest of your outfit. A cool cap for this season is H&M's leather cap. It comes in both green and burgundy, and it has earflaps if the weather were to get chillier than expected. That's a double win for me.

The Boater

Wool Boater Hat, $18, Forever 21

Maybe you're reminiscing on Breaking Bad and want to emulate Heisenberg this fall. Forever 21's "Wool Boater Hat" in burgundy or black is great, as its not too extravagant for an everyday wear.

The Beret

Ombre Rolled Edge Beret, $24, Urban Outfitters

Even less lavish is the simple beret that hugs your head and can go with pretty much anything. Urban Outfitter's "Ombre Rolled Edge Beret" is perfect for this fall to keep rocking that summer ombre style into the new, cooler season.

The Pillbox

Promise Pillbox, $32, Village Hat Shop

For fancier date nights (or if you’re feeling really dapper), adventure into the world of pillbox hats. These hats are ideal for autumn if you’re looking for something small and very Gatsby. They can take a typically casual outfit to a jazzy, new level without you having to wear a flapper dress. The Village Hat Shop’s “Promise Pillbox” is a good, versatile color that will go with almost any formal attire.

Images: Death to the Stock Photo; Courtesy of Brands