7 Easy Hairstyles To Rock When Wearing A Hat

When it comes to wearing a hat, the sad truth is that your hair usually suffers. While it may seem like an added nuisance to bother with actually doing your locks, there are plenty of easy, pretty hairstyles for hats you can adopt. Truth is: Many of us think of hats as the solution to our bad hair days, but things aren't always that easy. Sure, you could totally throw your hair into a ponytail, loop it through a ball cap, and call it a day. For many typical fashionistas, a hat acts as a statement accessory all on its own, after all. If you ask me, though, styling your hair to match your rad cap makes for a great combination.

Thanks to the innovative and creative people of the Internet, you should now feel more than excited and inspired than ever to try out some new hat hairstyles that won't take you long to put together. Although the hat can definitely still be the focal point of your ensemble, your locks will complement the look for a more put-together vibe with minimal effort (ideal for the fellow lazy girls of the world). These seven gorgeous 'dos will amp up your hat-wearing game and be totally Instagram-worthy.

1. Loose Curls

Loose curls are any easy way to frame your face, and look great under any kind of topper. Using a curling iron, curl the sections of your hair closest to your face away from your face. That means wrapping your hair so that the curls will go outwards instead of in, giving you that fresh-faced look. Whether you're wearing a fedora like the one blogger Nicolette Mason is sporting or a wearing a wide brimmed sun hat, your strands will look chic and polished with a few loose curls.

2. Pulled Up With Side Bangs

If you have bangs and have subsequently ruled out hats from your wardrobe, I'm here to change your mind. Even if you have a fringe, hats can look just as great on you as anyone else. With tips on how to style your bangs to the side and secure the rest of your locks into your hat, this tutorial is pretty grand. The majority of your hair can be pushed up and away while leaving your bangs to frame your face.

3. Bun

If your hat of choice is a wide-brim one, then this tutorial is for you. Jenny Strebe of Confessions Of A Hairstylist shows you not one, not two, but three different ways to style your hair perfectly with a wide brimmed piece. Whether you prefer a loose style, a ponytail, or a bun (my personal favorite), there's a hairstyle for all of them.

4. No Heat

If your hat of choice is a baseball cap, then you'll probably be opting for some of these easy hairstyles. The best part is you won't need any heat to accomplish them. Let's be real: When summer is still throwing us heat waves in September, any additional heat is hardly an option.

5. Woven Fishtail

There's no doubt that fishtail braids are gorgeous, and with just one extra step, you can get a woven fishtail braid like the one Bebexo creates on her YouTube channel. Perfect for a hat hairstyle, the fishtail braid is statement-making while being easy to keep together under a hat.

6. Looped Braid

If a fishtail braid is beyond you (I still haven't figured out how to do one), then try this looped braid version. Though Evelina Barry volunteers three different pretty styles, my favorite is the side ponytail, for which she loops her hair through it, then does it one more time with the rest of the braid. It's an easy way to tame lots of hair and effortlessly style your locks for a hat.

7. Natural

If you prefer a no muss no fuss approach to your hair, on the other hand, why not don that hat with your natural locks? Whether your strands are naturally straight, curly, wavy, or somewhat frizzy, a hat does still offer opportunity to embrace your natural look.

There truly is no grander hair statement than that of a rad 'do and your favorite millinery.

Images: thomaslefebvre/Unsplash