'The Overnight' Bloopers Are Hilariously R-Rated

by Rachel Simon

When I first heard that there'd be a movie starring Ben from Parks and Rec and Piper from Orange is the New Black, it sounded too good to be true, but thankfully, The Overnight is very, very real. The comedy, which was released on Jun. 19 and is now out on iTunes and VOD, featured the two TV stars like you've never seen them before, with (in Scott's case, literally) every bit of them exposed in memorable, often hilarious ways. The only thing better than the movie itself? Its gag reel.

As you might expect when a movie stars two of TV's best comedic actors (plus the always-great Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godreche), The Overnight's bloopers are an absolute must-see, full of amazing outtakes and seriously funny one-liners. There's no doubt that the actors had a ton of fun while making this movie, and it's impossible not to crack up while watching them fumble through lines and purposely mess up takes. I mean, seriously: try to hear Adam Scott say "Wow, you have a really big butt hole" without cracking up. (Or don't. It might be better to keep your image of Scott as the adorable Ben Wyatt as clean as possible).

There are so many great moments to choose from in the trailer: Schilling struggling to contain laughs as Scott compliments her boobs; all four lead actors improv-ing as their characters drunkenly dance; Schilling and Schwartzman posing in Charlie's Angels fashion, minus one angel. It's always fun to see actors goof off on set and hang out with their peers, and when those actors happen to be comedy stars with the ability to improv, it's even better.

If you missed the movie the first time around, be sure to watch it online before heading into the gag reel — there aren't many explicit spoilers in the clip, but certainly enough to damper the experience for you if you don't know much about the film's big twist. It's too good a plot to ruin, and you'll be better off by giving the movie a watch before heading into the bloopers.

But if you have seen it, and are just craving another glimpse at Scott, Schilling, and their on-screen antics? Then you should go headfirst into the gag reel (although maybe watch it alone — a movie this... intimate is probably better viewed in the privacy of your own home). If you're ready, check out the exclusive gag reel below, and — I must re-iterate this, out of concern for all you Parks and Rec fans — prepare to have your beloved Adam Scott turn into an R-rated nightmare.

Image: The Orchard