9 Times 'PLL's Emily Got Your Internship Struggles

Of the four young women we've gotten to know over the past six seasons of Pretty Little Liars, Emily Fields may not be the loudest or most expressive, but the words she does choose to say are often ridiculously relatable. Honestly, fans shouldn't be surprised. Sure, Emily may have dealt with huge drama, like being stalked by A and nearly murdered by her girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, but she's also had to contend with super common situations, like developing a crush on her co-worker and fighting off jealous competition on her swim team. One way that Em fights off the PLL drama is by knowing how to pick her battles, and if there's one place where that's super important, it's at an internship.

Ah, the internship. It's not a job, but it's not not a job, either. Internships can be some of the very best experiences of your life, but it's also a place where you'll deal with things that you probably didn't expect. Consider an internship a step right before real adulthood: you're getting ready for the big leagues, and sometimes that involves fetching a whole lot of coffee.

If you already have an internship under your belt, you can totally relate to the below situations — and now we have Emily to help us navigate through them expertly. Here are the times when Emily totally was you at an internship, because sometimes this quiet chick knows exactly what to say.

1. When Your Supervisor Is Explaining Your Responsibilities & You Only Understand Half

You know how to create an Excel spreadsheet, but what is this software your new boss keeps talking about?! You just found out it exists.

2. When Your Boss Finally Explains Everything & You Realize You've Totally Got This

Pssh. This semester will be a total breeze. You're already looking forward to getting a gold star for your interning abilities.

3. When You've Been Stuck On The Same Project For A Week, & That Project Is Stapling Documents

You knew that there would be some grunt work involved in this internship, and damn it, you're a dedicated intern! No job is too small!

4. When Another Intern Won't Stop Complaining

Yeah, it's unpaid, and yeah, it's not exactly glamorous, but you really don't need to hear about how your co-worked turned down a "really sweet paying gig" to take this one.

5. When Your Fellow Intern Insists You Do Their Work Because They Just "Don't Get It"

Please. They're just using the time they could be doing work to power swipe through Tinder.

6. When Your Supervisor Gives You An Important Job

YAAAAAS! Finally something that isn't related to staples!

7. When Your Boss Doesn't Explain Anything About The Important Task You're Supposed To Do

Is this a test? Should you take initiative and risk doing something wrong? Where in the intern guidebook doesn't it say what you should do?

8. When You Gchat Your BFF After 3 Days Of Radio Silence

Your internship is only leaving time for few things: work, Netflix, and sleep. Your poor, neglected BFF.

9. When It's Your Last Day & Your Co-Workers Want To Celebrate

Those are your hard rules. Other than that, here's to all your hard (for credit) labor!

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