'Teen Mom 2' With Jenelle Evans Is Back & We Should All Apologize for Watching

After months of only being able to watch MTV's depressingly boring Teen Mom 3, there's finally a trailer for Teen Mom 2 Season 5 but it's depressing in a very different way. Unfortunately, it's also Teen Mom fans's only option since Teen Mom 3 was cancelled and the original Bentley-starring series is long gone. In the trailer for the next season of Teen Mom 2, set to premiere on January 21, Leah Calvert, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry, and Jenelle Evans have some issues. Major issues.

Leah struggles with her daughter Ali's special needs while caring for her infant third child, Chelsea is devastated by her ex having a baby with someone else, Kailyn prepares for a wedding and second baby, and Jenelle gets out of jail and considers having an abortion.

It's going to be an eventful season, but since it was filmed months ago and we basically know what happens, watching this season might be really hard — especially when it comes to Jenelle. Sure, it'll be sad to see Leah trying to handle so much, and we might be heartbroken for Chelsea to see Adam really move on even though he's a jerk, and Kailyn's estrangement from her mom in the midst of a wedding and pregnancy is upsetting, but we've seen all of that before on Teen Mom.

Fighting with the dads and balancing all of their responsibilities are the two most common conflicts on the show. Multiple arrests, heroin use, abortion, and abuse are really uncharted territory, and it's hard to predict how MTV will handle that kind of content. Since last season of Teen Mom 2 ended, various sources have kept us up to date on Jenelle, which is how we know she'll be arrested multiple times, marry boyfriend Cortland, accuse him of physical abuse, and suffer a miscarriage during the pregnancy mentioned in the trailer.

We also know that she has been using heroin, is now dating a guy named Nathan and recently announced that she is pregnant with his child, before being arrested again for disturbing the peace following a fight between the couple. While all of this has been going on, her son Jace has been living with Jenelle's mother, who has custody of the 4-year-old.

So just how much is MTV planning to air? It hardly seems okay for a camera crew to film someone being abused or using heroin without interfering, but if we the audience watch all of that, we're just as bad.

Teen Mom 2 has always been tough to sit through at times, but between this trailer and what we know about the past year for Jenelle, Season 5 is going to be the most uncomfortable season of the entire franchise... by far. It's going to be up to fans if they want to spend Tuesday nights on the couch watching as someone's life falls apart.

Image: PBandJenelley 1/Twitter