Celebs Post Heartfelt 9/11 Tributes On The 14th Anniversary Of The Attacks

There are times when social media can be trite, petty, and rude, and there are times when it can be an especially hostile place. But, there are also times when social media has the unique ability to bring us all together. Case in point, on the 14th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the heartfelt tweets from celebrities and normal people alike, seemed to drown out the noise of everything else. In times of remembrance, it’s comforting to know that we’re all on the same page, experiencing the same kind of feelings.

Arguably, the best thing about a celebrity tweeting on a day of mourning like September 11 in the U.S., is the audience, wide and far, they can reach with their words of support, sadness, or pride. It doesn’t make their sentiments any more or less profound than ours, it’s just a way to keep the conversation going in a more public way. We were all affected, in one way or another, by the events that occurred 14 years ago and sharing words about what that meant to us, even on social media, just makes us all a little more human.

Here are some especially heartfelt tweets from celebrities who are taking the time to remember what happened on September 11, 2001.

Olivia Wilde

Bette Midler

Tyra Banks

Andy Cohen

Sam Smith

Alex Morgan


Jamie Lee Curtis

Uzo Aduba

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sophia Bush

Hilary Duff

Jenny McCarthy

Ashley Greene

All different ways of remembering, yet still, the beautiful shared sentiment remains the same.