Miles Teller and 11 Other Young Male Actors the Golden Globes and Oscars Should Start Paying Attention To

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The Golden Globe ceremony is fast approaching, and, for the most part, we're thrilled with 2014's nominees. Underdogs like Before Midnight's Julie Delpy and Parenthood's Monica Potter snuck in to the race, meaning this year's awards ceremony is bound to be more interesting than most. Still, while most of the nominations were good enough to stop our whining, the list of honorees left us with one nagging question: Where are the young dudes?

It seems that there are a severe lack of young, talented guys nominated for major awards. Sure, there are plenty of men getting nods — 12 Years a Slave's Chiwetel Ejiofor, Dallas Buyers Club's Matthew McConaughey, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston — but their average age is somewhere around 45. The awards circuit has rarely been filled with young, fresh-faced, male heartthrobs (heck, no man under the age of 30 has ever won a Best Actor Oscar), but there was a time when actors like Tom Cruise and Matt Damon got recognition at a young age. Now, it seems the young guys are relegated to rom-coms and franchises, while the Serious Movies are dominated by men twice their age.

It's a distinctly male problem. Young women are faring fine, with Jennifer Lawrence, Lena Dunham, and others getting honored each year. It's the guys who, in this case, can't seem to catch a break.

It's not that we don't want to see older men get nominated, of course. George Clooney and Brad Pitt can make red carpet appearances as long as they'd like. It's just that there are so many deserving young actors working today that award shows like the Globes keep overlooking, and it's time they get their due. Here are 12 young male actors the Globes, the Oscars, and more need to start giving some attention.

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