'Big Brother' Julie Chen Reveals Her Favorite Showmance & It's Easy To Understand Her Pick

I have a serious question that I'd love to know the answer to: What is it with reality TV showmances? In case you're unfamiliar with the term, it's basically what you call couples who get together while filming the TV show, usually to secure audience favor. Showmances tend to be super over-the-top and intense, despite the couple not having known one another for more than a couple of weeks, and they often result in ill-advised engagements that usually in breakups after the cameras stop rolling — and before they make it down the aisle. While showmances are generally put on and don't really count as real relationships in most cases, there are a few that actually do work out off screen, and this has certainly been the case for many houseguests that have passed through the Big Brother doors. You probably have a favorite, and I know I do. Even BB host Julie Chen has a favorite showmance, and you won't at all be surprised by who it is.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chen named Brenchel as the showmance of her dreams, and I have to say, I agree. Any Big Brother fan knows right away that Brenchel is none other than Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, who met during Season 12 back in 2010 and immediately began the most epic showmance ever, one that had an effect on viewers and on the host herself. "I grew to love Rachel and her ways and Brendon is as devoted as they come," she explained. "They are true soul mates and I am happy Big Brother brought them together. We’re the new dating site."

Chen is pretty much right, too. Instead of breaking up as soon as they were back in the real world, Brenchel not only stayed together, but eventually got married in 2012. The year before they tied the knot, they came back for Big Brother 13's Double Trouble twist, a season which Rachel actually won, thanks in large part to her then-fiancé. They even competed together on The Amazing Race's 20th cycle, and returned again for Season 24's All-Star games, as well. If that's not the best showmance in history, what is?

Many showmances came before Brenchel, and many have come since. However, none of them have had the longevity and the genuine love for one another that Rachel and Brendon seem to have — and the personality, to boot. All the new showmances could take notes from them. If even Julie Chen, who's been through 17 seasons of showmances, thinks Brenchel knows what's up, I think we do, too.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; CBS