10 Signs You And Your Roommate Will Be BFFs

You don't truly know someone unless you share a living space with them — while they might seem calm, cool, and collected in class or while out at the bar, their bedroom might be filled with four jars of half-empty crunchy peanut butter, a mountain of questionable (maybe clean?) laundry, and other positively disgusting gems. Cleanliness is, without a doubt, one of the biggest things that college roommates hold grudges about. However, if your roommate's strange quirks are oddly appealing to you (since, hey — she's keeping it real), that's one of the signs you and your college roommate will be BFFs forever. If you can handle her at her worst, you're bound to share a bunch of memories while she's at her best.

While many college students kind of face a roommate roulette — being assigned a room based on a last name, or a common major — it's not improbable that the randomly selected arrangement might end up working in your favor. After all, you have one thing in common right off the bat. You both found your college campus charming enough to call it home for (at least) four years. The bond that you're about to form with your roommate is different than many other friendships, unless you've hosted some kind of strange, months-long sleepover party before. You'll need to navigate the topics of school schedules, boyfriends, and television shows with this person. Heck, you'll need to trust this person more than you've trusted any friend before, since they have easy access to your money and your Cup 'O Noodles supply.

However, there are many early signs that will help you pinpoint a BFF in the making. If you and your roommate fit the following criteria, there's a good chance you'll want to bunk together again next semester. And then sophomore year. And maybe forever.

1. She joins in during all your epic TV marathons

You've watched The Office about a billion times already, but it brings you joy. If only you could find your own Jim Halpert, am I right? Instead of getting ticked off by your repetitive TV habits, your BFF roommate joins in.

Even if it's a show she's never seen before, she's still willing to give it a shot. And she'll let you know what shows she's hoping to watch live (ahem — America's Next Top Model) so that there's never a battle for the remote. In general, you both respect the television. And in doing so, you respect each other, as well.

2. You never feel the need to nitpick the minor stuff

OK, so her bedsheets haven't been washed in months. That's kind of gross, but you'll keep your mouth shut, since it's just not worth fighting about. I mean, they're her sheets, right? She'll get around to it... eventually.

All roommates fight, but since you hate the idea of being mad at her, you choose your battles. You realize that she's simply a human, and that it's totally OK if she doesn't have the same life priorities as you do. It's not like she's putting you in danger.

Incompatible roomates, on the other hand, almost always look for reasons to be ticked off. If you wake up in the morning and don't get worked up about the fact that she left a pizza box on the floor (again), or stunk up the room with a late night microwaved meal, you genuinely care for her as a person.

3. If something does come up, it's no big deal

She won't take offense if you casually bring up an issue, but she will take offense if you've been bottling your anger for a few weeks, and let it all explode after one too many drinks. Drunken arguments show that you're too afraid to communicate normally with her.

Instead, you communicate in a way that's respectful and honest. You know that when these talks do occur, there's nothing venomous about them — you know that attacking her with words will only make her resentful. She also views things this way, so it's rare for a yelling match to ever break out. Sharing a room is massively difficult, but since you treat each other well, you end up having a much easier time with it.

4. Clothing swaps are super normal

If you and your roommate are the same size, it's almost like hitting the lottery. If your roommate has no problem letting you wear one of her dresses for a party, you'll end up saving a bunch of money, while realizing that she totally trusts you with her things. Also, you're never secretive with compliments — I mean, your sweater totally does look amazing on her.

Obviously it's always nice to ask before borrowing, but unless your roommate had big plans with that cute new blouse, it's pretty much universally known that her closet is open. If you and her have different personal styles, it's also a great excuse to see if you can really pull off those knee socks, or if they're just not working for you.

5. She'll cancel plans to tend to your mental breakdown

Guys, it happens. You'll become so overwhelmed over school and your budding social life, that one night, tears will be flowing. You'll feel absolutely out of control, and wonder if dropping out is the right solution. (Pro tip: Nine out of 10 times, you should stay in school. This stuff will pass over, and things will be way more manageable in the near future.)

Instead of leaving you to drown in your misery, your roommate will make it her top priority to help you out of her funk — even if that means changing her own plans around. When that happens, you know you've met a keeper. She wants you to always remember your true potential, which is totally BFF-worthy of her.

One day, you and her will laugh about how your world briefly fell apart based on one stupid chemistry test.

6. You end up sharing a mutual group of friends

The college friend-pool is way more open than the social circle you developed in high school. Not only are there amazing opportunities to meet new people, but it's way easier to find like-minded individuals who aren't afraid of having fun. Based on varied classes and organizations, you'll be interacting with a ton of new faces.

If you and your roommate seem to gravitate towards the same group, it's a good sign that you look for similar qualities in a friend.

7. You have different taste in significant others

There's really no competition when the both of you meet a cute guy — you like the tattooed rock stars, and she prefers athletes. Even if there are a few overlapping qualities, you both know that crushes come and go, and nothing is worth jeopardizing a solid friendship.

Even better, you know what qualities your roommate is looking for in a partner, so if you see someone that fits the criteria, you're more than willing to try and set her up. I mean, your roommate is a great girl, so she deserves someone nice!

8. She's not big on contests

Know how I said there's no competition in regards to possible hook ups? There's also a lack of competition all around. You don't have to worry about her bragging about her grades, or her exercise routine, since she's the type of person who is just happy to have gone to the gym.

That said, going to a fitness class with her is a lot of fun. You never have to worry about looking goofy during Zumba, since just like her, you're really only into it for the experience. Self-doubt is, thankfully, out the window whenever she's around.

9. She'd never spread gossip about you

College brings out some pretty mortifying moments. Like, remember when you made out with that guy who turned out to be in his 40s? Or, when like, a million tampons fell out of your purse while you were running to class? How about that time you had a debilitating night terror, and almost fell out of your bed? These instances will occur, and eventually, they'll make for some pretty humorous stories.

But they're not humorous now, and your roommate knows how embarrassed you were. Thankfully, you know she'll be tight-lipped, and won't spread them around to your friends, who might never let the "tampon volcano" moment die. Or your parents, if they're in town. And that'll make you more willing to share these moments, since you have to vent to someone about them.

10. She uses headphones

Sounds simple, but seriously — this is huge. She respects your time, and doesn't force you to study in the smelly library the night before a big exam. She understands that blasting "Roar" by Katy Perry a billion times will boost her self-confidence, but frustrate you to no end, so she accepts the fact that headphones will create a situation where both of you can be happy.

Remember, it's your room too — and having a roommate who understands this is a real, genuine BFF.

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