London's Kanye West For President Mural Could "Pop Up In The States Soon," According To The Artist Behind It

Looks like Kanye West has a new supporter in his campaign for president: British street artist Pegasus. The artist chose to show his moral support for Yeezy's 2020 presidential election big by painting a mural of naked Kim Kardashian with "Kanye For President" banners over her privates in London. Hey, maybe he can do for West in the 2020 election what Shepard Fairey did for Obama with his HOPE posters in 2008. But why paint the mural in London, when the presidential campaign would be here? Pegasus says via email, "It's global news so the message is relevant in many countries and cultures. I painted here in London because I am currently based here."

But, he said, that doesn't mean she won't travel. "She might pop up in the states soon," he says.

If it wasn't immediately obvious, Pegasus referenced a photo of Kardashian from her famous, "break the Internet" Paper magazine shoot for his painting, because, he says, "I chose the image that best represents Kim Kardashian."

Whether he's right or wrong about that, he definitely chose a photo with worldwide recognition. The Paper issue set off an avalanche of discussion and parody alike, though it did not actually break the Internet.

However you feel about this grassroots support for 'Ye, you have to admit, there aren't any other campaign posters out there that look like this one. I wonder if Yeezy is flattered? It seems like Pegasus thinks he'd make a good Yeezus-in-chief. "He is a global superstar and American politics have kind of become a part of celebrity society. He is the best in the world at what he does so I guess he is highly qualified. Plus the idea of having Kim Kardashian as First Lady is entertaining," the British street artist told Mashable.

And he's not the only one supporting West this early on. There's merch available now, so you can represent your Kanye political affiliation with a t-shirt. Maybe it's good news for the rapper that he has support with his British allies.

Images: Pegasus (2)