10 Cinnamon Cocktails You Need This Fall

by Meghan Bassett

After a long day at the office, when I get home all I want is to kick back with a delicious cocktail in hand. As the weather starts to cool off and the leaves begin to change color, the urge to add cinnamon to everything is burned in my brain. It’s impossible to ignore the need for cinnamon cocktails to warm you up during these cool fall evenings.

I used to simply pour myself some Fireball when I wanted my cinnamon cocktail fix before bed. Every sip would warm me up from the inside out, treating me to a lingering cinnamon taste on my tongue. This simple fix is a great solution if you don’t have a bar cart handy with other ingredients, however I happen to have a bar cart that I am obsessed with stocking. I feel the need to go above and beyond my old cinnamon standby.

Perhaps this is a part of growing up? In reality, it’s probably the boredom setting in after drinking the same drinks since I turned 21. I am rounding up my top 10 cinnamon cocktails, just in time for fall. Grab your plaid blanket, a cocktail shaker, and light the fire. You’re about to treat yourself to a boozy cinnamon party in your mouth.

1. Bourbon Cider Cocktail with Cinnamon + Ginger

Bourbon and cinnamon is a match made in heaven. This bourbon cider cocktail from Offbeat & Inspired brings these two together in a cold version of the classic cider recipe. It's the perfect way to celebrate the season.

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cocktail

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is still my favorite cereal of all time. I practically fell out of my chair when I saw that my favorite cereal had been turned into a cocktail on Food Fanatic. I’ll definitely be drinking this for the next few months. I’ll try my best to avoid drinking it for breakfast, but no promises…

3. Apple Cinnamon Old-Fashioned

I’ve been really into old-fashioned cocktails recently. Something about the Mad Men-era drink makes me feel just the right amount of pretentious. This cinnamon-infused version from A Spicy Perspective is a great fall twist on the classic that looks way too addictive.

4. Caramel Cinnamon Martini

Creamy cocktails are such a weakness of mine. Food Fanatic has me weak at the knees with her creamy caramel and cinnamon cocktail. I could literally melt right into the glass, particularly when the words “caramel” and “martini” are involved.

5. Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktail

Have you seen apple pie moonshine in the liquor stores yet? If you haven’t, you better keep an eye out for the seasonal libation. The Little Epicurean’s cocktail made with apple pie moonshine provides an extra hint of cinnamon that cuts through that liquor sting.

6. Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine

What was I just saying about apple pie moonshine? Ah yes, I have to revise my previous statement. If you can’t find it in stores, screw it. Make your own version at home with this recipe from Baked By Rachel! There’s no virtue in being patient, is there? Nope, not when it comes to a good great drink.

7. Pumpkin Beer Cocktail

I’m venturing a little bit off the beaten path with this pumpkin beer cocktail, but I can promise you it packs a punch of cinnamon. Jelly Toast uses pumpkin beer, whipped cream-flavored vodka, and cinnamon schnapps to create a spiced beer cocktail for all those beer fanatics out there.

8. Spiced Manhattan Cocktail

Just like the old-fashioned cocktails, Manhattans are also very much at the forefront of my most-desired cocktail list. This spiced version from A Spicy Perspective has my mouth watering for the classic Manhattan flavors, spiced up with cinnamon, clove, and all-spice. It’s a cinnamon holiday pie in a glass!

9. Slow Cooker Cider Wassail

If you haven’t been forced to try wassail before, let me tell you something — you are actually missing out on a pretty amazing drink! I prefer extra cinnamon sticks in the traditional recipe, so this slow cooker cider wassail from A Spicy Perspective is the one I’ll be making well into the winter. *swoon*

10. Hot Buttered Hazelnut Whisky

It’s time to snuggle up under the covers in front of the fire with this creamy whisky cocktail from Adventures in Cooking. Cinnamon is given even more depth with the addition of Frangelico and whisky, so you are guaranteed comforting warmth with every sip.

Who’s ready for cocktail hour? That’d be this girl. Cheers!

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Images: Offbeat & inspired; Food Fanatic; A Spicy Perspective; Food Fanatic; The Little Epicurean; Jelly Toast; A Spicy Perspective; A Spicy Perspective; Baked By Rachel; Adventures in Cooking