Fireball Whisky Has Been Recalled in Europe, So Here are 10 Cinnamon Cocktails to Make Instead

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So Fireball whisky has been recalled in Europe, and if you're an overdramatic whisky-loving princess like me, you're probably thinking to yourself that life is basically over, because even though you have no idea what propylene glycol is or what drinking excessive levels of it will do to you, you don't really want to find out. Not to worry — there are plenty of other options out there when it comes to getting your cinnamon-infused booze fix. Because I believe in the importance of having a good backup plan in times of emergencies like this, here are 10 cinnamon cocktail recipes you can make without Fireball that will fill that empty void left behind by the recall. They're sweet, easy-to-make, and they'll still leave your soul feeling all warm and fuzzy. Cheers.

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