7 Motivational Beyonce Lyrics To Help You Live Life As Your Flawless Self

There are countless reasons why the world embraces the queenliness of Beyonce. From the party-ready music Beyonce songs to her incredible live performances to her lyrics that describe my love for pizza, the singer is constantly in "slay mode." She's a talented icon and mogul, but if there's one quality of hers that will stand the test of time, its her ability to inspire. In between the love songs and the breakup anthems are Beyonce lyrics that help us live as our best selves.

Of course, because she's Beyonce, the singer's video are just as inspirational. Whether the visual are emotional, like the "Pretty Hurts" video, fierce like "Crazy in Love," iconic like "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" or just confident like "Irreplaceable," Bey's catalog is one memorable moment after the other.

When it comes down to it, however, it's her lyrics that stick with us. The moving words that she manages to deliver with such power and elegance, that it feels like she's speaking directly to us every time. Naturally, they can be applied to every day and help us all achieve our best selves. (Thanks, Beyonce!) Here are seven of Bey's lyrics that will help you live your best life.

1. "I Took A Vow That From Now On / I'm Gonna Be My Own Best Friend." — "Me, Myself & I"

Beyonce knows at the end of the day, she should only depend of herself.

2. "Baby, I Won't Shed A Tear For You / I Won't Lose A Wink Of Sleep / 'Cause The Truth Of The Matter Is / Replacing You Is So Easy." — "Irreplaceable"

And she's not about to let a man belittle her.

3. "If You Thought I Would Wait For You / You Thought Wrong." — "If I Were A Boy"

Beyonce isn't afraid to declare her self-worth, which is applicable in any situation.

4. "I Could Care Less What You Think / I Need No Permission." — "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"

She's also not about to let someone else's opinion define her.

5. "Been The Number One Diva In This Game For A Minute." — "Diva"

Beyonce's self-confidence is always in style.

6. "When I Leave This World, I'll Leave No Regrets / Leave Something To Remember, So They Won't Forget." — "I Was Here"

Seize the moment and don't have any regrets.

7. "I Woke Up Like This / We Flawless, Ladies Tell 'Em." — "Flawless"

You're flawless just the way you are.

Once again, Beyonce's wisdom benefits us all.

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