'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Casts Another Cersei, But It's Not What You Think

With more than six months left before Game of Thrones Season 6 hits our TV screens, fans basically have nothing to do to pass the time but hold out for whatever morsels of information come our way about what we can expect next April. Viewers basically left Westeros (and Essos, for that matter) in absolute chaos, and it's anyone's guess as to the fate that will befall all of our favorite characters. Hearing the news that Australian actress Essie Davis has been cast as Cersei for Season 6 might strike an extra dose of fear into the hearts of those who love the queen dowager, but don't worry — Lena Headey isn't going anywhere.

In fact, EW reports, Davis' character will be part of a traveling theater group in Braavos that performs a play called The Bloody Hand, a retelling, of sorts, of all the drama the Lannisters have caused over the years back in King's Landing. Davis will take on the role of Cersei within the play, though you can imagine there will be some artistic license when it comes to the story portrayed on the stage. Poor Cersei — she just can't catch a break, can she? Something tells me she won't be presented in a very favorable light.

It's unclear how big of a part the theater group will play in Season 6 (my guess is not very), but nevertheless, it'll be interesting to see how the gossip has traveled across the Narrow Sea, and just how inaccurate their portrayal of events back in Westeros actually is. Thankfully, the group's performance is taking place quite a ways away from the Iron Throne, so the chances of them being arrested for their dramatic flair is pretty slim to none.

It's hard to imagine what the point of this storyline will be, though anyone familiar with Game of Thrones knows for certain that everything is done for a reason. Perhaps it will simply be to illustrate just how widespread the Lannisters' antics have reached, or perhaps it's to spread further unrest as those in Braavos eyeing the Iron Throne prepare to head back across the Narrow Sea in an attempt to take it. Whatever happens, it's going to be so good, and I have no idea how I'm going to make it until spring 2016 to find out what's next for Westeros.

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