Pre-'GoT' Emilia Clarke Was Fierce

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last four years, you've at least heard about the phenomenon that is HBO's Game of Thrones. It's basically one of the best, coolest, fiercest shows on television, and hands down one of the best characters in the gigantic ensemble is the one and only Khaleesi, aka Danaerys Targaryen, aka the Mother of Dragons. Not only is Danaerys a total badass, her real-life portrayer, Emilia Clarke, is equally as awesome. She might not have three dragons as her babies and she may not rule a few lands, but she just seems like an incredibly cool and fierce human being, much like her on-screen counterpart. Not much was known about the actress before she became one of the most kick-ass women in Westeros, as she had only appeared in one TV series, a student film, and a TV movie for SyFy. But these photos of Clarke before Game of Thrones prove that she was born for the part.

Clarke has always been able to portray a range of fascinating emotions within a particular character, so it's no wonder that she was given the role of Dany, a woman who has the most complicated relationships with her brother, her late husband, and her kingdom. Seeing these photos just adds to the awesomeness that is Clarke and makes it more and more clear that no one could play Khaleesi better than her.

1. Clarke In The BBC One Series Doctors

The episode follows the main character, Dr. Lilly, trying to find a stalker on campus. Clarke plays a woman named Saskia Mayer, who has quite an overprotective father.

2. Saskia Talks With Dr. Lily

This Doctors episode heavily features Clarke, and it's awesome.

3. Saskia Spilling All

Here we see a more contemplative side of Clarke in the Doctors episode, talking to Dr. Lily about her relationship with her father.

4. Saskia Learns A Terrible Secret

Here, Saskia starts to make up with her father on Doctors, but learns a dark secret about him after their chat.

5. Savannah In Triassic Attack

Clarke plays a woman named Savannah in this SyFy film about three dinosaur fossils that come to life. But unlike the Night at the Museum movies, these fossils proceed to terrorize people.

6. "Lisa's Story" PSA

In two separate PSAs for Samaritans, Clarke plays a victim of abuse.

7. "Portrait Of A Domestic Abuse Victim" PSA

This second look at a victim of abuse is truly heartbreaking and shows the emotional, vulnerable side of Clarke, who would later use this range to great effect in Game of Thrones, especially in the first season.

8. An Old Student Film

In her fiercest role before Game of Thrones, Clarke plays a woman ending a relationship with a married man with such ferocity that the guy should really be afraid about ever cheating again.

Not exactly the Khaleesi you knew, hmmm?

Images: BBC One (4); SyFy; YouTube (3)