22 Reasons Niall Is The Best 1D Member

I'll be honest. I am an adult woman in my mid-twenties who is madly in love with One Direction. I have shelled out hard-earned cash to stand next to crying teenagers at their concerts. I own One Direction bobble heads. I may or may not have wandered around London hoping I'd bump into Harry Styles. Some may question my seemingly juvenile obsession, but Honey Badger don't care, my love for 1D — and particularly, my favorite One Direction member, Niall — is unwavering. Even the recent announcement of a One Direction hiatus can't drag my devotion down (did you see what I did there?).

Although all One Direction members have their merits, I do like some better than others. Especially with regards to Zayn — he is dead last in my book. I'm still mad about the whole leaving One Direction and dying his hair green thing. As a form of protest, I will most likely wait a whole week before purchasing any solo Zayn music (#ZaynBrokeMyHeart). Thankfully, my favorite 1D Member Niall Horan has never let me down. Whether its his playing guitar like a bad-ass maestro or looking adorable at public appearances, Niall is an eternal ray of sunshine in my world. And in honor of his birthday on September 13, I will name 22 reasons why Niall is mine, yours, and everyone's favorite One Direction Member.

1. He is Irish and was born in Mullingar, Ireland. Meaning...

2. He has an adorable accent.

3. He is really good at guitar.

4. He has lots of chest hair.

5. He likes food, a lot.

4. He is a terrible dancer.

5. He laughs at his own jokes.

6. He is single.

7. He loves "football."

8. He is a mega golf fan.

9. He once caddied for Rory Mcllroy.

10. He takes embarrassing gym selfies. (It's cute!)

11. He makes adorable #WhereWeGoingTodayMark videos.

12. He supports gay rights.

13. His star sign is Virgo.

14. He is a huge Justin Bieber fan.

15. He says he'll run for president against Kanye. Into it.

16. He gets starstruck.

17. He is the only One Direction member without tattoos.

18. He posts adorable photos of his nephew.

19. He really, truly his fans.

20. His nickname is Nialler (so, adorable!).

21. He swears a lot.

22. And lastly, it's his birthday and everyone loves a birthday boy.

Thank you Niall for being my favorite. You're the best.

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