Are Niall Horan & Camila Cabello Dating? One Direction Fans Have A Lot Of Feelings About This Pairing

It's a brand new day, which means it's time for One Direction fans to freak out about one of their favorite boy banders possibly dating another famous face yet again. On Friday, Directioners started a trending Twitter topic about Niall Horan and Camila Cabello dating. Wait, are they dating? Well, after the 1D member and Fifth Harmony singer hung out at a One Direction show in New York, fans are automatically assuming these two are indeed a couple. Let's just say, a lot of feelings are being shared across Twitter. What else do you expect from die-hard 1D fans?

Before I get to all the crazy reactions to these two hanging out, let's talk about what started the rumors. On Thursday, Horan shared a pretty adorable video of Cabello riding a Segway backstage at his show. You can check it out below. Next, Cabello tweeted Horan, along with all the other One Direction members, this: "AH didn't get to say bye but the show sounded amazing tonight!!!! SMASHED IT." Like the nice guy he is, Horan responded, "byeeeee ! Good t[o] see ya darling, fun having you around." Cabello replied, "yay!!!!!!! i had such a lovely time. see you soon xx."

Seems pretty innocent, if you ask me. However, as most of us know when it comes to One Direction fans, they sometimes blow things way out proportion. Take this conspiracy theory. Anyways, here are just a few of the responses 1D fans are tweeting. Warning: a lot of feelings are being felt.

Some Want To Focus On Larry

For those who don't know, Larry = Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

Some Are In Straight Denial

Some Are Looking At More Important Things

Some Want Fans To Just "Stop Talking"

Some Just Don't Get It

Some Are Like, Nope, Not Happening

Finally, There's This

Oh, 1D fans. First, thank you for providing all kinds of entertainment. Second, remember, just because two people hang out, well, that doesn't mean they are a couple. However, if Horan and Cabello are dating, well, they sure are cute.