15 Animals Who Are Psyched For Fall Weather

After too many scorching hot days of summer, the first day of fall is finally upon us — and our furry friends everywhere are embracing the looming chill of autumn. Animals in the fall might not be as psyched about pumpkin treats as we humans are, but they get the same thrill out of sweater weather (no matter how much they resist wearing them). Autumn is a glorious time to be alive, and animals are psyched to embrace their furry outer layer and watch the leaves fall.

Summer is a tough time for animals. With extreme heat and their inability to shed their coats and sip on cold blended cocktails, they suffer even more than straightened hair on a humid day. Since they can't speak, it's not like they can communicate their discomfort, but laying in front of the fan all day gets boring after a while.

Fall gives all non-human creatures a burst of energy and thirst for fun that extends well past the first fallen snow. They get to run and play in the fresh air without getting immediately overheated. And since humans start eating and cooking way more food, the world smells and tastes a billion times more delightful. There is also a much better chance that scraps will fall on the kitchen floor, sooooo score. Here are a bunch of animals (of all shapes, sizes, and species) who are super excited and ready for fall to begin.

1. The cat who could watch falling leaves all day, every day

Is it scary? Or is it beautiful? Both.

2. The dog who rocks a flannel better than a lumberjack

"So Lumbersexual is a thing now? Well, I started it."

3. This Corgi, whose zen game is ON POINT in the fall

Peace comes to those who lounge in the leaves.

4. This little guy, who is just living his best life


5. These cats who already have their Halloween costumes picked out

We're ready for the party. Wake us when the guests arrive.

6. The dog who picks all the apples, but refuses to share

Better luck next year, amateur apple pickers.

7. The dog who gets to eat baby bird-style from Ryan Gosling's mouth

Yeah, Ry. We all really like apples. Especially your apples.

8. The bunny who photobombs fall foliage

This may or may not be Photoshopped, but look how cute.

9. The cat who has been waiting all year for this moment to arrive

This is what happiness looks like.

10. This puppy who wants to befriend a pumpkin

Making new friends can be tough. Making friends with inanimate, edible objects is even tougher. #TheStruggleIsReal

11. The dog who rocks leaf hats

"I am King of Leaves. Bow down."

12. The dog who wants to wear a beautiful coat of leaves

You guys, dried leaves are everywhere on the runway right now.

13. The pup who uses fallen leaves for camouflage

"Can you even see me?" Nope.

14. The cheetah who enjoys munching on pumpkins

Now THIS is how you carve a pumpkin. An absolute mess? Sure. But rewarding? HECK YES.

15. The dog who is basically a fall catalog model

It doesn't get any more gorgeous.

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Image: mbtrama, Julie Krawczyk (German), Tim Massey/Flickr; Giphy (8)