The Military Appears On 'Fear The Walking Dead' & Puts A Halt To The Family's Escape Plan

Fear The Walking Dead sure is redefining the slow burn. Our heroes almost made it out of town and into their inevitable post-apocalyptic desert trek but were waylaid once again. We were reminded in a new way that this show is still taking place mid-apocalypse when the military arrived on Fear The Walking Dead. They were so close! Perhaps we'll have to wait until Season 2 to see the sand.

The final acts of the episode were excellently plotted. Everything hinged on a previous decision. Madison, who has already killed one walker by now, wanted to smash her neighbor Susan's brains. However, Travis talked her out of it and they left Susan loose. He's going to have to warm up to guns and violence quick, I think. Then, on their way out of the neighborhood, Madison saw Susan's husband and went back to warn him. The whole party turned their cars around, which is how they ended up trapped in the neighborhood when the National Guard arrived.

Of course, this means that now all of the characters are together again, surprising nobody. We knew the Salazars weren't going to get away with leaving Travis and his two families behind. How are they going to deal with being in military lockdown? Where are living humans who have been "exposed" to the walker virus being taken? How long do you think it's going to take the soldiers to become the first of many power-hungry factions in this universe?

One of the things that's so great aboutThe Walking Dead and its spinoff is the way we're trained to know that a suburb is far more dangerous than the open road. While Travis was optimistic about the military presence. In another room, Daniel Salazar said "it is already too late" — and as a fan of The Walking Dead, I unfortunately know that he couldn't be more right.

Image: AMC (screengrab)