Proof That Nick & Sam Are In Love Post-'BiP'

Samantha Steffen had quite a journey on the second season of Bachelor in Paradise. She and Joe Bailey stirred up some trouble by chatting before the show, but then Joe found out she spoke with Nick Peterson before Paradise, too. It looks like Nick and Samantha are still together after Bachelor in Paradise and there are plenty of photos of Sam and Nick on social media to prove it. Who knew these two would be the duo to go the distance?

During the finale, fellow BiP-er Amber James called into After Paradise and gave the shocking news to host Chris Harrison: Samantha and Nick are still a couple. "Her and Nick are amazing," Amber said. "She has gone on vacations, she's gone to visit him, she's met his family, he's met her family, they're doing amazing." Shocking, but totally true. Their respective Instagram accounts reflect this — Samantha and Nick are both posting tons of we're-so-in-love couple photos together on hikes, with each others' family members, riding bikes, and being all cute. Looks like the relationship has only grown stronger since these two lovebirds departed Paradise, despite all expectations otherwise.

As proof, let me present the following photos from Samantha and Nick's respective IG accounts. Because you know it's love when it's on social media.

1. They Go On Romantic Hikes

In this pic, in particular, Sam and Nick are hiking in Runyon Canyon, known locally as "The Beautiful People Hike" here in Los Angeles. Runyon also offers a very romantic view of the city. Plus, the couple that works out together, stays together?

2. They Ride Bikes Together

Nick and Samantha seem to really love being active together.

3. They Pose For Silly Kitchen Selfies

You know, just because they can. Also notice that they're both dressed in white — could they already be coordinating outfits together? Aww.

4. Samantha Has Met His Parents

This is proof that Samantha has met Nick's mom and dad. This is an important step in any relationship and this shows it's serious. It also looks like mom and dad approve of this Bachelor in Paradise romance.

5. They Have Cute Date Nights With Wine

Nick and Samantha look so relaxed and at ease with each other. How sweet.

6. Just Look At Those Smiles

This is love, folks. But, will it go the distance? Like most Bachelor Nation romances, we'll have to wait and see.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC