'Extant' Needs Season 3 To Answer These Questions

When Extant returned to CBS for Season 2 this summer, it enjoyed quite the rejuvenation. The series, starring Halle Berry, did away with the outer space plot to focus on the threats on Earth from the artificial intelligence created by humans, rather than the relatively benevolent Hybrids from a distant alien planet. The series picked up speed, heart, and entertainment and it finally gave Berry the TV vehicle she deserved, with new co-stars like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who also helped with the pacing and new direction. With such a great turnaround, I'm hoping that Extant will be renewed for Season 3, especially the show still owes us quite a few answers. But will we ever get them?

While there's no official news of renewal or cancellation yet, there is hope. Besides Extant's many improvements in Season 2, it has Steven Spielberg and Berry as executive producers, who will likely have some pull with viewers and the network. Unfortunately, the ratings weren't very high for Season 2 compared to the series first run, though they did remain pretty steady over the course of the summer. But most importantly for fans, the season finale left us with some major questions that show how many places Extant could go if it returns.

1. Will TAALR Return As Season 3's Big Bad?

It is inevitable that TAALR will return if the show is renewed. He was the Big Bad in Season 2 and now that he's in a humanich form, he's more mobile and can totally continue his terrible plans in a much more direct way.

2. Whose Body Did TAALR Re-Create For His Humanich Form?

Speaking of this human form, whose body did TAALR re-create? My guess is that it's John. It looked like John in the coffee shop in the Season 2 finale, and it would pack more of a punch of John returned as the villain for Season 3, considering he never wanted his AI creations to be used as weapons. This would also definitely affect both Molly and Julie in their quest to destroy TAALR. Plus, why wouldn't it come back as one of its creators?

3. Is The Black Widow Coming Back?

We didn't see much of Anna once the major events of the last few Season 2 episodes started happening, and there must have been a reason for this. Could it be because she was protecting herself from what was to come? Or maybe she is more nefarious than we know and actually was helping TAALR with its plans?

4. Will Ares Stay On Molly's Side?

Ares provided a lot of tension between the Hybrids and humans throughout the season, until Molly and her team finally got through to him in the finale. But just because Areas stood next to Molly in her press conference where she discussed the events that transpired in the season, doesn't mean he will continue to stay on good terms with them. If TAALR comes back in the potential Season 3, there's no doubt in my mind that Ares will once again clash with everyone over how to protect his race against this major threat.

5. Will We See A Julie/Charlie Romance?

Charlie may have said he no longer has feelings for Julie, but he definitely does. Working with her to save the world definitely brought those feelings back and there's no doubt in my mind that Julie feels the same way. But if TAALR is back in John's body, Charlie and Julie's potential relationship would most certainly be complicated.

6. What Happened To Calderon?

Is the guy still in custody of the GSC? Do they still believe he committed the crimes for which he was framed by TAALR? Clearly if TAALR returns, both Molly and Calderon will play huge parts in trying to destroy it, as will Ethan, because he always helps save the day on Extant.

Images: Sonja Flemming, Robert Voets, Screenshot (2)/CBS; myawesomebloghilarie/Tumblr; Giphy