Who Is Ashley Salter's Fiance? The 'Bachelor' Contestant Is Marrying Someone From Her Past

Despite the fact that she left Bachelor in Paradise empty handed just a couple of months ago, everyone's favorite bird-charmer, Ashley Salter, is officially off the market. If you follow Salter on Instagram, you've probably noticed that she's been very happily dating someone who isn't Dan Cox since her BIP days come to an end, and in a very surprising turn of events, the artist formerly known as Onion Girl announced some very big news over the weekend. Salter is engaged to Austin Brannen, and while to know the former Bachelorcontestant is to love her, chances are you have no idea who Salter's new fiance is.

Fortunately, there's plenty of information about him out there, especially since he's reasonably active on Instagram — at least, compared to most dudes who aren't reality stars, anyway. And although Salter has found herself in the spotlight after waxing poetic about pomegranates and shooting zombies with Chris Soules on The Bachelor, Brannen is a bit more low-key. Maybe that's what makes their relationship work?

Either way, there's one thing we know for sure about this guy: He has excellent taste in jewelry. Can we talk about Salter's engagement ring for a minute? I'm seriously impressed.

And since Salter deserves an awesome guy who is in love with her "for the right reasons" (cue eyeroll), I was a little skeptical of Brannen at first. But upon further investigation, it's clear that he's a total catch.

Here's everything you need to know about Brannen, before he and Salter live happily ever after.

Brannen & Salter Were College Sweethearts

According to Wetpaint, Brannen and Salter dated while they were in college at Auburn University, as evidenced by this ridiculously adorable throwback photo of them together (and Salter as a brunette!) at a college football game. The fact that they've known each other so long and have dated in the past makes it a little easier to understand why their relationship turned into an engagement so quickly, since all that "getting to know you" stuff was long in the past.

He Works In Real Estate

Thanks to his Linkedin page, we know that Brannen has a pretty solid job — he's the vice president of Brannen Goddard Real Estate, which is based in Atlanta... which is also where Salter is from. Sounds like they're pretty set!

He Plays Golf

Like, a lot. And it definitely suits him. Doesn't he look like a golf player?

He & Salter Are Ridiculously Cute Together

Regardless of how out of left field it seems like this engagement came from, it's obvious that they're super happy to be starting this next chapter of their lives together, and it's easy to be happy for Salter, too. She deserves this! I can't wait to see photos from her wedding. Do you think Chris Harrison will be there, basket of onions in hand?

Image: Ashley Salter/Instagram